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Pavilion Fitness has a community atmosphere and features certified staff that can help you put the best fitness program together to meet your goals. Pavilion Fitness offers a fine array of equipment and services to maximize the potential of your workout.

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December, Your Passport to Holiday Fitness

December is your passport to holiday fitness. No, not fitness whole thing in your mouth with all the holiday eating we'll be doing. We mean the calorie burning, heart pumping, strength building and confidence boosting kind of fitness that will also help keep off the extra weight gain! During the month of December, we've got the One Month Holiday Special on sale; a shortened gym membership for those who are coming home for the holidays. You can buy it at the Pavilion Fitness check-in desk at any time in December. Get into the Group-Ex mode with 12 Instructors Over the Holidays. Obtain a Group-Ex Passport from a Pavilion Fitness Group Ex. instructor and participate in Group-Ex classes led by 12 different instructors over the month of December to be entered into a raffle for prizes. The grand prize drawing will be held in January for a Fit Bit Blaze! While we're at it, we want to help you move better, feel better, live better with TRX. The TRX 10 scan pass will go on sale December 15 - 18, 2017 for 15% off. Check out our TRX class schedule, purchase a pass and join us!

Pavilion Fitness One Month Holiday Special Pavilion Fitness TRX Scan Pass Promo