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    Be a part of Pavilion Fitness! Pavilion Fitness has a community atmosphere and features certified staff that can help you put the best fitness program together to meet your goals. Offering a fine array of equipment, classes, training and services, Pavilion Fitness can help you maximize the potential of your workout.

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  • Rock N Roll

    This versatile tool is not just for therapy! The foam roll workout includes exercises designed to improve core strength and stablility at any level. Learn how to relieve muscle tension and improve function with self myo-fascial release.
    Registration fee of $25.00 includes the high density foam roller. If you have your own foam roller, class is free. You will leave class with a cheat sheet.

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  • Open Gym Pickleball

    Now offering Pickleball as a part of Open Gym! Pickleball combines tennis, badminton and ping pong for a fun game. Played on a low-net badminton court, Pickleball is played with a perforated plastic baseball similar to a whiffleball and composite paddles. The game is EASY for beginners to learn and can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. Currently running through November! Free for Pavilion Fitness members.

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  • TRX Training

    TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise simultaneously develops strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Whether you’re young or old, out of shape or a pro athlete, injured or at the top of your game, TRX Suspension Training meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

    TRX Training
  • Pilates Reformer

    Pilates Reformer is a special piece of equipment that offers an elite way to train your body. Each movement initiates the core; the focus is on strengthening the area from which all movement comes from. Strengthening your core and back help with posture, back problems, ease of movement and more. 

    Join instructor Paula Lewinski as she leads you through our Pilates Reformer classes. Special offer available for first time participants!

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  • Private Yoga and Pilates

    Pavilion Fitness offers private Yoga and Pilates one on one sessions. Similar to Personal Training, you can get the one-on-one attention when it works for your schedule and address your personal needs with our certified instructors. Purchase one hour for $45; if you prefer you may split that 1 hour into 2 - ½ hour sessions. For more information, contact Leigh at (847) 228-3493.

    Private Yoga and Pilates
  • Yoga for Greater Ability

    If you are living with illness or injury, experiencing chronic illness, degenerative disease, or you have significant long-duration disability, come to this slowly paced yoga practice where you will learn alignment and proper action from the inside out. Connect with the experience of yoga postures in your own body and maximize your potential for strengthening and healing.

    Yoga for Greater Ability
  • Fit Through Your Midlife

    Fit Life Through Your Midlife" is a group (4 participants) training program specifically designed for women going through midlife changes. Feel more comfortable in your own skin with a training regimen that jump starts your metabolism while providing you with nutritional information to maintain your caloric burn throughout the day. Sessions start the first week of December and held twice weekly for 4 weeks. See Sheila or Aileen for additional information.

    Fit through Midlife
  • Fireside Yoga

    Enjoy a morning full of inspiration, flexibility, warmth and community on Saturday, January 24 at 9am. Experience each of our yoga instructors in a multilevel class to assist you in unlocking your hips and warming your heart as the natural light, beautiful landscape views and dancing fireplace at Fox Run fills you with a much needed winter glow. Please bring your own mat there are limited number available. 

    Fee: $5

    Fireside Yoga
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