Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own food, cake and beverages into the park?


  • Yes, you may bring in your own food, beverages, and cake into the park. If you bring in your own food, beverages and cake, you will need to provide all plates, napkins, cups and utensils! 
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park! 
  • A refrigerator and freezer is available for guest use, however, space is limited.  A full size sheet cake will not fit in the refrigerator, but a 1/2 sheet or 1/4 sheet will. 
  • A microwave or power outlets for crock pots is NOT available for guest use, but you may use sterno to heat food.
  • Pirates' Cove has a full menu of food options at reasonable prices. You can call the party coordinator one week in advance to add food to your party. Our food is catered through a local restaurant. If food, beverages, or cake are purchased through the park, plates, cups, utensils, and napkins will be provided.
How can I add extras to my party?

Extras like food, cake, goodie boxes, or character visits may be added one week prior to the party.  Please call the Rental Coordinator at (847) 228-3529 to add these extras to your party.

I want to purchase goodie boxes, but I haven't received all of my R.S.V.P.'s?

You should purchase the amount of boxes you think you may need, more will be available to purchase on the day of your party and we will refund any unused goodie boxes.

Is there ice available for my cooler?

We recommend filling your cooler with ice prior to coming to the park. We have complimentary ice to add to your cooler or bring to your site in an ice bucket. If you order beverages through the park ice will be provided.

Is there a refrigerator available for my cake?

There is a refrigerator for guest use, however there is limited space.
A full size sheet cake will not fit in the refrigerator.
A 1/2 sheet or a 1/4 sheet cake will fit in our refrigerator.  
We highly recommend buttercream frosting instead of whipped cream,as even with refrigeration, whipped cream frosting will melt.

Is there a freezer available for ice cream?

There is a freezer for guest use, however space is limited.

Are there outlets for me to use to plug in a crock pot?

Sorry, the power outlets are not available for guest use.

Do I need to bring tablecloths for my party site?

All tables in the Canonball Falls party site are covered with white plastic tablecloths. You are welcome to bring your own themed tablecloths if you would like. The picnic tables are 72" x 28 1/2".

In the Pirate Ship and Dragon's Castle sites, only the 8 foot serving tables are covered with white plastic tablecloths. Again, you are welcome to bring your own themed tablecloths and tablecloths for the individual tables.

The Pirate Ship party site has (13) 6 foot tables with benches, and (1) 8-foot rectangular table for serving. The top of the Pirate ship has a small area with a roof for shade as well as  sunshade that goes across the ship. (If high winds are present, the sunshade may need to be retracted)

The Dragon's Castle party site has (10) 42 inch round tables with attached benches, (2) 48 inch oval wheelchair accessible tables with benches and (1) 8-foot rectangular table for serving. There are umbrellas for shade.
Can I bring a pinata?

Due to space and safety restrictions we ask that you do not bring a pinata into the park.

Can I come early to set up my party site?

Yes, you may come 30 minutes prior to the start of your party to set up your site. You will also have 30 minutes after the party to clean up your site and vacate the park. Failure to do so will result in a $30.00 fee for every 15 minutes over the allotted time, beginning 1 minute after the allotted time.

Will there be someone to help me set up my party site?

Yes, all parties come with a shared party captain, and there are carts available to transport your party items to your site. The party captain will assist you in getting items out of your car and to your party site. Party captains are normally responsible for between 2 or 3 parties, and may not be available at all times. 

Do you allow balloons?

Yes, you may bring your own balloons.

Can I rent out the whole park?

Yes, the whole park is available for rentals on Friday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm. The cost is $2,150 for Residents and $2,250 for nonresidents. Call the rental coordinator at (847) 228-3529 for more details.

What is the difference between the party sites?

There are 3 different areas in the park that parties are held: Cannonball Falls, Dragon's Castle and the top of the Pirate Ship. Dragon's Castle and the Pirate Ship are only available during the evening and Sunday morning party times. The Cannonball Falls sites are available for all party times.

Cannonball Falls - Cannonball Falls is an area near the back of the park. It is mostly covered by a tent. There can be up to 6 parties booked in the area at one time. The area has 2 sites that can hold a maximum of 48 people, 1 site for 32 people, and 3 sites for 24 people. The 48 person site consists of 6 picnic tables and 1 serving table. The 32 person site has 4 picnic tables and 1 serving table. The 24 person site has 3 picnic tables and 1 serving table.

Dragon's Castle - Dragon's Castle is the patio that is next to the concession stand. It seats a maximum of 60 people and consists of (10) 48-inch round tables with benches at each table, which can accommodate between 4-8 people per table, (2) wheelchair accessible tables, which can accommodate 3-6 people in addition to the wheelchair, and (1) 8-foot rectangular table for serving. Each seating table has it's own umbrella for shade.  There is only 1 party booked in this area at a time. This area is only available for Saturday and Sunday evening or Sunday morning parties.

Pirate Ship - -  The top of the Pirate Ship seats a maximum of 48 people and is available for Saturday and Sunday evening or Sunday morning parties only. The top of the Pirate Ship is not handicapped accessible and has numerous stairs leading up to it. There are (13) 6 foot tables with benches that can accommodate 4-6 people per table, and (1) 8-foot table for serving.  The top of the Pirate ship has a small area with a roof for shade as well as  sunshade that goes across the ship. (If high winds are present, the sunshade may need to be retracted) Only 1 party at a time is booked on the top of the Pirate Ship.

Partial Pirate Ship -  Partial Pirate Ship is available for parties Monday-Thursday & Saturday-Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm. For 1/2 of the Pirate ship there will be (8) 6 foot tables with benches that can accommodate 4-6 people per table and (1) 8-foot table for serving. The top of the Pirate ship has a small area with a roof for shade as well as  sunshade that goes across the ship. (If high winds are present, the sunshade may need to be retracted) The Partial Pirate Ship will seat a maximum of 32 people. Please note that the Pirate Ship is considered a park attraction and the public will be allowed to play and sit in the other part of the ship not occupied by your party
What is the difference between party times?

Pirates' Cove offers several different party days and times:

Afternoons 1:00-4:00pm - Afternoon 1:00-4:00pm parties are available  Monday- Thursday and Saturday & Sundays in the Cannonball Falls party area and on part of the Pirate Ship.  

All afternoon parties occur when the park is open to the public!

Evening 5:00-8:00pm Tuesday and Thursday Parties - Parties are available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Cannonball Falls and on part of the Pirate Ship. The park will be open to the public during these party times!

Sunday Mornings 10:00am-12:00pm - Sunday morning parties are available in the Cannonball Falls, Dragon's Castle and on the Pirate Ship prior to the park opening on Sunday. There can be up to 8 parties booked in the park at once.
Sunday morning parties are held when the park is closed to the public. Once the party time is over, and the park opens to the public, guests may remain in the park for as long as they would like (until the park closes at 4:00pm), but the party site must be vacated.

Saturday & Sunday Evenings 5:30-8:30pm
 - Evening parties are available Saturday and Sunday in the Cannonball Falls, Dragon's Castle, and on the Pirate Ship. All Saturday and Sunday evening parties occur when the park is closed to the public. Up to 8 parties may be booked at once, but the amount of guests in the park will not exceed 400.

Do I need to count adults in the guest count?

The party guest count must include both children and adults. The party sites can only accommodate the stated maximum number of guests, either 24, 32, 48 or 60 depending on the site booked. (Infants under 1 year old do not need to be counted in the guest count)  All guests will receive a sticker to access the park and party area, no one will be allowed in the party area without a party sticker. The Birthday child and 2 adult chaperones do not need to be included in your guest count.  Extra guests above your sites maximum are not allowed.  If your guest count exceeds your sites maximum, you will be charged for the next larger site or $10.00 per person, whichever is more, but will not receive any additional seating.

I may have a few extra people coming to my party, is that ok?

No, due to overcrowding and fire codes, extra people above your site's maximum are not allowed. Each party site will only accommodate the maximum amount of people stated 24, 32, 48 or 60. If you have extra guests, we recommend upgrading to a larger site. Only guests with the party stickers will be allowed in the party areas. If extra guests show up, you will be charged for the next larger site, or $10 per person, whichever is more, but you will not receive any additional seating, 

How will my guests know where to go?

When your guests arrive they will check in at the gatehouse and be told which site you will be at. Your party captain will give you stickers that correspond to your table signs to give to your guests so that they may access the attractions and the party area.  You are responsible for the behavior of your guests.  Please ensure that your guests are sitting and eating food from your party site only.

The weather looks threatening, how will I know if the party will still be held?

You may call the weather hotline at (847) 439-2683, this is a recorded message.
If you have questions on the day of your party you may call the Pirates' Cove gatehouse at (847) 690-1157 and speak with the manager on duty. If the manager does not answer, please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Pirates’ Cove staff will make every effort to keep the park open, but we may need to close if the weather is severe. A decision regarding closing the park due to weather will be made 3 hours (2 hours for a Sunday morning party) before your scheduled party time. If parties are cancelled we will contact you and try to reschedule your party or issue a full refund (Cakes cannot be refunded).  If the park closes due to severe weather an alternate indoor area will not be available for your party. 

If the park needs to close during your party time for weather, a partial refund may be given, depending on how much time you were in the park.  Partial refunds are given at the discretion of the Pirates Cove coordinator.

What is the cancellation policy?

A $25 fee will be assessed to parties cancelled more than 14 days prior to the scheduled party date. Cancellations 14 days or less from the date of the party will be refunded 50% of the paid balance. 

Weather Cancellations: The Pirates’ Cove staff will make every effort to keep the park open, but we may need to close if the weather is severe. A decision regarding closing the park due to weather will be made 3 hours (2 hours for a Sunday morning party) before your scheduled party time. If parties are cancelled we will contact you and try to reschedule your party or issue a full refund (Cakes cannot be refunded).  If the park closes due to severe weather an alternate indoor area will not be available for your party. 

If the park needs to close during your party time for weather, a partial refund may be given, depending on how much time you were in the park.  Partial refunds are given at the discretion of the Pirates Cove coordinator.

I would like to bring in a magician or face painter to entertain my party guests, is that allowed?

Yes, you may bring in entertainment for your party. However, we require that the performer send us a certificate of insurance with the Elk Grove Park District named as additionally insured. Please call the rental coordinator for more information on the certificates of insurance requirements.

How do I register for classes?

Dance classes for the year register in August and run September - May. A complete listing of classes along with registration details can be found in the fall park district brochure and through online registration with an active Park District account. Due to the cumulative nature of our program and recital preparations, no students may be added to recital classes after November 1st. We do offer some non-recital dance classes that are open for enrollment throughout the year; a listing of these classes is included in the seasonal park district brochure.

When does registration for the dance year begin?

Registration for recital classes begins in August with classes running September through May. Registration for non-recital classes is available throughout the year. Refer to the season's Park District brochure for class listings and registration dates.

How old does my child have to be to dance?

The Pavilion Dance Centre offers a variety of dance classes for students age 3 through adult.

How are dancers placed in levels?

Dancers are placed in the appropriate level through the expertise of the Dance Staff. New students will be placed in an age appropriate level and will be immediately assessed by the instructor and moved if necessary.

Why is there a dress code?

Dress codes are essential to the success of a dancer. At the Pavilion Dance Centre, we provide our staff with the tools necessary to be the most productive and successful in his/her class. The dress code allows for proper visibility, as dance instructors need to be able to see the students' bodies and very specific details in order to give constructive feedback. Dress codes are mandatory for participation in all Pavilion Dance Centre dance classes.

Is there financial assistance for students in the program?

Yes. The Elk Grove Parks Foundation is a 501c(3) charitable organization created to support parks and recreation activities within Elk Grove Village. Based on the availability of funds, the Foundation will attempt to provide financial assistance to those residents who meet the eligibility requirements. For more information or to begin the application process, please contact the Superintendent of Recreation at (847) 228-3487.

Can I make up classes that I miss?

Yes, you may make up a missed class by taking any other class at the same or lower level. Ask your Instructor for information on which classes may be taken. If an Instructor needs to cancel a class for any reason, the class will be made up during a designated Pavilion Dance Centre Make-up Week. See the Pavilion Dance Centre Calendar for exact dates.

How can I become a teaching assistant?

Teaching Assistant applications are available at the Pavilion Customer Service counter during fall registration. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Pavilion Dance Centre office at (847) 228-3519.

How do I participate in the recital?

The Pavilion Dance Centre recital program begins in September and ends with recital performances in May. The tuition rate covers the entire recital season (September through May) and includes a recital costume. No new registrations for recital classes will be accepted after November 1. In addition, costume fees are non-refundable for any reason after November 1. Dancers in multiple classes will likely perform in various recitals throughout the weekend. Dancers are required to perform on both days and attend their dress rehearsal day(s) the week prior to performances.

Can I still dance and not participate in the recital?

Yes, but we ask that you inform both our Dance Coordinator and the Instructor of your intention not to participate in the recital by November 1st. This is so that a costume is not ordered and the instructor may choreograph the recital dance accordingly. You may continue to take classes and will be given the experience of learning the recital dance even though you will not be participating in the recital.

When and where is the recital?

The dance recital is held in May. The exact dates will be listed on the Pavilion Dance Centre calendar. The recital is held at the Harper College Performing Arts Center, 1200 W. Algonquin Road in Palatine. The Harper Performing Arts Center is a state of the art facility seating 450 people and is a resource that nurtures and educates community members about the arts. This unique building has an extensive fly system along with an orchestra pit, trap and stage extension. These characteristics enable the Harper Performing Arts Center to produce quality productions and allow the community an opportunity to experience exceptional artistic productions close to home!

How are recitals structured?

Classes are broken into specific recital colors in a manner that seeks to best balance and present a variety of ages and dance styles. All students perform both days of recital weekend. Each recital color will have a technical rehearsal in the theatre prior to show dates. Technical rehearsal is for the safety of all parties backstage and is mandatory. It gives students an opportunity to dance on the stage with lights and sound, practice safe entrances and exits during blackouts and rehearse proper spacing. More information will be available in the Spring prior to recital.

How do I get recital tickets?

Recital tickets are available for purchase in early April. Each family (not each student) is guaranteed an initial quantity of tickets per color recital in which his/her class is performing. The initial quantity of tickets available to dance families will be determined in early spring. Tickets must be purchased in person from Pavilion Customer Service. Extra tickets (if available) go on sale a few weeks later.

When and where is the dress rehearsal?

Dress rehearsals are the week prior to recital at Harper College. You will be given the exact day and time for your class's dress rehearsal when you receive your costume in May. Attending the dress rehearsal is mandatory. Students absent from the dress rehearsal will not perform in the recital. Late arrival to the rehearsal constitutes an absence; so please allow extra time to travel to Harper College. Classes will have an allotted amount of time to rehearse his/her dance on stage with the instructor and technical crew. During this time, technicians are queuing lights, instructors are staging the dance and all props and scenery are being set. All dances will run only once, due to the volume of participation in the program. Any repetition of a dance will be for technical reasons only.

Can I videotape the recital?

The Pavilion Dance Centre has an agreement with All Occassions Video and therefore photography and video taping is strictly prohibited. Photography and Videotaping may be done only at the Dress Rehearsals within the designated areas. Because classes are scheduled to run each dance once, please be ready to video and photograph during this one run. The professional DVD's may be ordered in the Spring or at the dress rehearsals and recitals. Parents may also video record recital dances during In-Class Dress Rehearsal at the beginning of May and in any of the scheduled parent viewing weeks.

Are classes included in my Pavilion Fitness membership?

General group exercise classes are included in your Pavilion Fitness membership. Yoga and Pilates specialty classes are an additional fee. Click here for details on Yoga and Pilates classes.

Are classes designed for beginners?

Group exercise classes are designed for all fitness levels. Our instructors offer options during class, so that you can work at your desired level.

Example: Within a cardio class, a low level movement may be a march, while a higher level movement would be a jog. You select the movement that is correct for you to reach your training zone. Within a strength training class, a beginner may work with lighter weights while another participant selects heavier weights.
I've never taken a fitness class before. Will I be the only one who doesn't know what to do?

Even if you have never taken a class before, you will learn the proper use of equipment and proper body form. Our certified instructors are here to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is helpful to the instructor if you introduce yourself and let him/her know your concerns about starting fitness classes.

Do I have to wait until the start of a new session to begin classes?

Group Exercise classes are ongoing. You decide when to begin. Every class is different in order to provide you with a many choices and vary your workouts. Our schedule changes frequently, so be sure to visit our website to see the most current schedule.

What do I need to bring to class?

Comfortable clothing, a supportive pair of workout shoes, a water bottle if you like (a water fountain is available in the Group Exercise Studio) and your enthusiasm!

What is Cycling?

An excellent cardiovascular class focusing on strengthening lower body muscles and the cardio respiratory system. All participants are positioned for correct bike fit and motivated for a 45-minute "ride" of endurance training. Try our Saturday class for a longer ride to enhance your endurance.

I wish to reduce body fat and gain in overall strength. What class can help me?

Select three to four classes a week which focus on cardiovascular training such as STEP aerobics, Cardio Combo classes or Cycling. Then be sure to add two classes a week of strength training such as P.U.M.P. or Strength Fusion to gain lean muscle mass.

I've tried to exercise in the past but can't seem to stick with it.

In Group Exercise, you will find the motivation and support you need to commit to an exercise program. By having a schedule of varied classes offering cardio, strength, and flexibility, you will join the many who have made exercise part of their weekly routine.

What can a personal trainer do for me, even though I'm already working out?

A personal trainer can do a number of things for you and your workouts. One of them is to motivate you to work out, this will make it fun and interesting by changing the routine when needed instead of repeating the same routine again and again. Consistency and accountability are a couple of other benefits of working with our personal trainers. When you schedule your sessions, you make a commitment to yourself to improve your health and fitness. Quality and efficiency of workouts also greatly improve! A personal trainer will make sure you are safely targeting the areas you want and plan the session to make the most of your time. Other factors a personal trainer brings to your workouts are general nutritional advice, special needs training, post rehabilitation, and sport specific training.

Do I have to train with a personal trainer every week to get results?

This depends on your individual goals and the amount of time in which you want to achieve those goals. Some clients will consistently train weekly with a personal trainer while others will train for a few weeks, develop a routine, and then meet with them periodically for changes.

What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy provides physical, mental and emotional benefits. These include: improved blood circulation, reduced blood pressure, strengthened immune system, reduction of muscle tension, spasm and stiffness, increased flexibility and range of motion, reduced mental stress and anxiety levels, increased mind/body connection and increased energy flow. Massage therapy is regularly recommended to include in stress management programs. As with other healthy lifestyle habits, the benefits of massage therapy are cumulative, in that, over time the therapeutic effects are enhanced. The American Massage Therapy Association recommends a one-hour massage monthly as a minimum schedule toward optimum health of mind and body. Why not give the natural gift of health to yourself or a loved one today?

I have an active teen, why should I enroll them in Teen Fitness Training?

There a number of benefits to youths participating in a strength training program. Contrary to the myth that strength training is detrimental to young bones, when done properly it is actually the best way to develop a strong muscular skeletal system. The most critical time for developing strong bones is during the childhood years. By working with a certified trainer your child will learn correct form and be challenged with realistic, achievable goals. The Teen Fitness Training program will help your teen:

  • Address two major problems in pre-adolescents: too little muscle and too much fat
  • Develop strong bone density
  • Improve body composition
  • Follow a safe, structured supervised program
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Adopt a physically active lifestyle
  • Develop athletic potential
  • Reduce risk of injuries
  • Enhance long-term health
I have a hard time maintaining weight loss, what are some services you offer that can help we with weight loss?

The Pavilion Fitness Center offers two new services to help patrons accomplish their weight loss goals. The first is our BodyGem Assessment which measures an individuals Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR); the number of calories your body burns each day, which is key in achieving your wellness goal. The second is Nutrition Counseling with our Registered Dietitian. Depending our your individual objectives, these sessions are designed to help you establish healthier eating habits, plan nutritious meals, manage weight or improve your exercise endurance. More than one session may be necessary to accomplish your goals. 

Can I bring my own picnic lunch into the park?

Yes, you may bring in your own food and beverages into the park. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park. A concession stand is also available to purchase food, beverages and ice cream at reasonable prices.

Can adults ride any rides?

Most rides at Pirates' Cove are for children only. Adults may ride the Safari train and the Pirate Plunge Slide.

Do I need to bring a swimsuit and towel for the park?

Pirates' Cove is a theme park not a water park, while there is a water attraction (Barnacle Bay Boats), your child will not need a swimsuit or towel. However, the Pavilion Aquatics Center is right next door to the park and can be added to your park admission for an additional fee. If you decide to go to the Pavilion Aquatics Center you will need a swimsuit and towel.

Can I rent out the whole park?

Yes, the whole park is available for rentals on Friday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm. The cost is $2,150 for Residents and $2,250 for nonresidents. Call the rental coordinator at (847) 228-3529 for more details.

Who oversees Art Centre programs?

Shannon Elsey, Art/Special Events Manager, or (847) 690-1184.

What types of classes are offered at the Pavilion Art Centre?

Kiddy (5 & Under): Kiddy Art (i.e. Art FUNdamentals, Imagination Exploration, etc.), Clay Play, Various Family Pottery Workshops (i.e. Turkey Hands) and Kiddy Music (i.e. Sing to Me! and Sing with Me!)

Youth: Youth Art, Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes, Youth Pottery, Various Family Pottery Workshops (i.e. Christmas Photo Frames), Theatre Classes (i.e. Introduction to Children's Theatre), Private Music Lessons, Group Guitar Lessons and Percussion Ensemble

Adult: Adult Art (i.e. Afternoon Oils, Beginning & Intermediate Oil Painting, etc.), Open Studios for Art and Pottery, Family Pottery Workshops (attend with children), Adult Pottery, Private Music Lessons, Group Guitar Lessons and Percussion Ensemble

How old do you have to be to take Art Centre classes?

Students range from ages 6 months (class with parent) through seniors.

How do you sign up for Pavilion Art Centre classes?

Registration can be done at the Pavilion or Al Hattendorf Customer Service counters, or online with HOTREG the Elk Grove Park District online registration system. The only exception is private music lessons, which must be registered for in person at one of the customer service counters.

How much are classes?

Classes at the Pavilion Art Centre vary in price, depending on the length of the class, who is instructing and what supplies are required. All classes are competitively priced and some run as low as $4/hour! Open Studios run as low as $1.50/hour!

Am I required to wear anything special to class?

Children enrolled in Kiddy Art classes should bring an old t-shirt or smock with them to class, as some projects do get a little messy. Also, anyone enrolled in a theatre class should wear closed toes shoes to class since the classes require a lot of movement and may require set building as well.

Where do I purchase supplies for Adult Art classes?

Affordable supplies can be purchased from a number of stores, including Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Dick Blick. Art supply houses also carry the items you will need for class.

Where do classes take place?

The majority of art, craft and pottery classes take place in the Art Studio or Craft Studio. Both are located in the Pavilion down the hallway across from the customer service counter on the way to Jumps 'n Jiggles.

There are also two music studios where the majority of music classes take place. They are located in the Pavilion down the hallway by the Garden Terrace Banquet Hall.

What is the withdrawal policy?

There is no penalty for withdraws prior to the registration deadline date. After the registration deadline has passed and/or once classes are in session, all withdraw or refund requests must be given directly to the Art/Special Event Manager. She will determine whether or not a withdrawal or refund can be granted. No refunds will be given for a contractual class (i.e. Young Rembrandts, Picasso's Workshop, etc.) one week prior to the start of the class or anytime thereafter.

If my child misses class, can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given for missed classes. Refunds are only given in extenuating circumstances if the class minimum is met. Please refer the call to the Art/Special Events Manager if a refund is requested after registration deadline has passed.

What happens if the instructor cancels a class?

If a class is cancelled due to instructor illness, weather or another type of emergency, all class participants will be notified by phone as soon as possible. A make-up class will take place for the missed class, typically the week after the session ends. If a participant is unable to attend the make-up class, a refund will be issued for the cancelled class.

Will the cost of a started class be pro-rated if I join late?

As long as the class is already running with the appropriate minimum, you will be pro-rated for the classes that were missed due to joining late. The only exception is contractual classes, which require full payment no matter when a person is registered.

Times for music lessons vary. What does that mean?

Private lessons are arranged through the Art Department and are dependent on the instructor's schedule. Instructors typically hold lessons on their assigned day (see seasonal activity guide) beginning late afternoon (typically 4 p.m.) into the evening (typically 8 p.m.). All lessons are 30 minutes and should be scheduled directly through the Art/Special Events Manager.

Do you offer scheduled payments for Private Music Lessons?

Yes, there is an option to sign up for scheduled payments for private music lessons. Half of the payment is due at the time of registration and the other half is due on a select date partway through the session. Please contact the Art/Special Events Manager directly for more information.

How do I purchase a ticket for the theatre production?

Tickets can be purchased at the Pavilion or Hattendorf Customer Service counters during regular business hours. They can also be purchased directly through the Art/Special Events Manager.

Are refunds given for theatre production tickets?

All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be offered. You can speak with the Art/Special Events Manager to see if there are any tickets are available for other performance dates. If other tickets are available, an even exchange can be made. Also, tickets are transferable between people so if you are unable to attend the performance, you can always give the ticket to a friend or family member that is able to attend.

What is the Art & Music Showcase? Do I have to participate?

The Art & Music Showcase is a specially-designed showcase for Art Centre students. It currently takes place annually in December and is intended to highlight the artistic and musical talents of the students in the program. Artwork from classes is displayed, along with a music recital and theatre showcase.

Students are not required to participate, although it is highly encouraged. The event provides an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work amongst friends, family and other Art Centre students. It is also a good opportunity to mingle with other students and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Can I bring my own decorations and confetti?

You may bring decorations, however there is limited space to hang them.  Confetti is not allowed, there will be a $25 cleaning fee charged to parties using confetti.