Staff Directory


Tom Busby, Executive Director 847.228.3500
Rhonda Brewer, Director of Business Services 847.228.3501
Tammy Miller, Director of Leisure Services 847.228.3543
Ben Curcio, Director of Parks and Facilities 847.228.7911
Christy King,Human Resources & Benefits Manager 847.228.3504
Dustin Sneath, Superintendent of IT 847.228.3846
Kelly Carbon, Superintendent of Marketing 847.228.3548
Diane Malinowski, Public Relations Manager 847.228.3512
Anita Healy, Risk Manager 847.228.3499

Recreation Programs

AJ Collier II, Superintendent of Recreation 847.228.2868
Jeff Collier, Superintendent of Recreation 847.228.3487
Ashley Pratscher, Arts/Special Events Coordinator 847.690.1109
James Kavanaugh, Athletic Associations 847.228.3522
Brian O'Malley, Athletics Coordinator 847.228.3523
Kim Laper, Youth & Teen Coordinator 847.228.3518
Jennifer LoBosco, Early Childhood Coordinator 847.228.3526
Audrey Ko, Elk Grove Historical Museum Coordinator 847.690.1440
Chris Fearing, Jumps n' Jiggles / Family Programs 847.690.1129
Deb Baum, Pavilion / Jumps n' Jiggles Party & Rentals Coordinator 847.228.3183
Debby O'Neil, Garden Terrace Banquets 847.228.3544
Jessica Beirich, Pavilion Dance Center Coordinator 847.228.3519
Colleen Mahanna, Sheila Ray Adult Center Coordinator 847.228.3616

Pavilion Aquatics Center

Jason Dale, Aquatics Manager 847.690.1406
Lana Purves, Aquatics Coordinator 847.690.1184
Tracy Ramsey, Aquatics Rentals 847.228.3182

Pavilion Fitness

Rachel Tandy, Pavilion Fitness Manager 847.228.3539
Leigh Ferstein, Health & Wellness Coordinator 847.228.3493
Natsuko Kunihiro, Pavilion Fitness Operations Coordinator 847.228.3515
Marcia Hirschauer, Pavilion Fitness Memberships 847.640.2192

Pirates' Cove Childrens' Theme Park

Chris Fearing, Pirates' Cove Children's Theme Park Manager 847.690.1129
Crissy Johnston, Pirates' Cove Children's Theme Park Party & Rental Coordinator 847.228.3529

Rainbow Falls Waterpark

Jason Dale, Aquatics Manager 847.690.1406
Katherine Loftus, Aquatics Coordinator 847.228.3517
Tracy Ramsey, Aquatics Rentals 847.228.3182

Audubon Skate Park

Kim Laper, Audubon Skate Park Manager 847.228.3518

Fox Run Golf Links

Tom Klaas, Fox Run Golf Links General Manager 847.690.1425
Janet Christie, Fox Run Golf Links Banquets 847.690.1426

Parks & Planning

Valerie Lemme, Planning/Project Coordinator & ADA 847.228.3513
Guy Johnson, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 847.228.3532
John Howell, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor 847.228.3486