Swim Lessons

----pg-swimlessons.jpgThe Elk Grove Park District is an authorized provider of Starfish swim lessons, utilizing the certification and curriculum of Starfish Aquatics Institute for our lessons. The Starfish Swimming program assists people of all ages to swim for safety, pleasure, fitness, or competition.

All swim lessons are 40 minutes long with a total of six classes in each session. Check out the Activity Guide for the next available session. For more information please contact the Aquatics Coordinator, Lana Purves at (847) 690- 1184 or lpurves@elkgroveparks.org.

Please register at the Pavilion customer service desk, Pavilion Aquatics Center or Al Hattendorf Center for all aquatics programs!

Parent/Child Swim Lessons

For ages 6 months to 3 years old, this class introduces young children and their parents to water experiences in a fun and safe manner. Parents and children explore pre-swimming activities though songs and games in a group setting. This class is for children who aren't quite ready to be in an independent preschool swim lesson.

Preschool Swim Lessons

For ages 3 to 5 years, children in the Preschool level begin to learn basic swimming without parent assistance. Children will play a variety of in-water activities and games to learn how to blow bubbles and submerge their heads under water. This level leads the student to become more independent in the water.

Youth Group Swim Lessons

Elk Grove Park District swim lessons follow the Starfish Swim School curriculum. The curriculum consists of six achievement levels after our preschool lessons. Each level uses various lead-up water skills to achieve benchmarks which are to be reached in order to pass to the next level.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Body Position and Air Recovery:

  • Jump into water independently
  • Complete submersion in water
  • Back Float 5 seconds

Submersion and Body Rotation:

  • Jump into water and recover
  • Introduction to streamline (front and back)
  • Side glide
  • Forward movement unassisted 10 ft

Integrated Movement:

  • Introduction to Freestyle
  • Rotary breathing technique
  • Introduction to Backstroke

Level 4 Level 5 Level 6


  • 25 yards Freestyle
  • 25 yards Backstroke
  • Introduction to Breaststroke
  • Introduction to Butterfly


  • 25 yards Freestyle with proper stroke technique
  • 25 yards Backstroke with proper stroke technique
  • 25 Breaststroke with proper stroke technique
  • 25 Butterfly with proper stroke technique


  • 50 yards Freestyle
  • 50 yards Backstroke
  • 50 yards Breaststroke
  • 25 yards Butterfly
  • Introduction to flip turns and open turns

Private Lessons

Student receives one-on-one instruction to help improve their skills. Recommended for students having difficulty mastering skills in a group setting and for those that prefer one-on-one instruction. All sessions will be booked at the time of registration. Private lessons will be based on facility and instructor availability, please call the Aquatics Coordinator at (847) 690-1184 for more information.

Diving Lessons

This class teaches the basic skills involved in diving from the side of the pool, from starting blocks, and off of a one meter diving board.