Amenities: Museum Campus

Learn about many aspects of life in 1800s at the Elk Grove Historical Museum from farming to daily life and schooling. Book a tour or stop by for a visit during our open hours.

Orientation Center

----schoolhouse.jpgThe Orientation Center is where your museum experience begins! Throughout the year you can view rotating exhibits. Modeled after a one-room schoolhouse, it is also used for programming and houses the museum office.


----farmhouse.jpgThe farmhouse was originally located on Arlington Heights Road (State Road) and was moved in 1976 with a full basement being added later. The Elk Grove Historical Society restored the farmhouse and opened it to the public as a museum in 1977.

The original post and beam structure was built in the mid-1800s followed by at least two later additions. Henry Schuette purchased his land in 1861 so it is uncertain as to his involvement in the construction of the farmhouse as it stands today.

The interior of the farmhouse provides a glimpse of farm life in the 1860s. Museum docents bring to life the daily activities of the Schuette family as visitors tour the kitchen (the main hub of the house), sick room, parlor, two upstairs bedrooms and the sewing room.



The barn belonged to the E.H. Dieke family and dates back to about 1880. Early farm equipment, tools, a surrey, buggy, and sleigh can be seen inside. Here visitors can learn about local agriculture as well as the importance of animals on the farm. The barn is now used for interpretation and programs.



To enhance the historical experience, visitors can also explore the chicken coop, garden and the privy. Learn the different components of the chicken coop as well as typical morning chores. The privy serves as a source for learning about early hygiene and life before modern plumbing.