New Playground at Salt Creek School

Thu September 7, 2017

New Playground located at Salt Creek School

The Elk Grove Park District and Consolidated School District 59 are proud to announce the renovation of the playground at Salt Creek School and Park located at 79 J.F. Kennedy Boulevard in Elk Grove Village.  The playground was designed with input from the students, faculty, neighbors and families of the school.  It was the decision of the Park District and the School District to remove and replace the equipment to provide a safe and engaging playground in a more compact pattern.  

The new equipment was selected to meet the Shape America guidelines for a National Demonstration Site for PLAY ON! -a program to help kids become and stay more physically active and fit. A specially designed curriculum can be used by the school staff to engage children in games, challenges and different types of play. 

Web climber at Salt Creek School The play equipment provides different levels of challenge for activities such as spinning, swinging, sliding, balance, brachiating, and climbing.  Open space for running games and other activities was left at the north end of the area.  New benches were included to provide opportunities for parents and care givers to come and enjoy the park while they supervise the children.

For additional information call (847) 228-3513.