Different Ways to Celebrate EARTH Day

Thu April 21, 2016

Girls playing on zipline at Audubon ParkWant to celebrate EARTH Day with more than the usual recycle, reduce and reuse?  Here are a couple of easy and fun ways suggested by our parks department to encourage all of your friends and family to join you.

Turn off your electronics for 1 hour and go outside for a walk or bike ride, talk with your family or friends face to face, listen to the birds, the wind in the trees and the sounds of nature, read a book, or visit a park and play. Check out our park map for the closest park to you.

Walk or bike to school, work or activities. This provides great exercise and reduces vehicular traffic and air pollution. Not sure about safe bike routes? Check the Friends of Cycling in Elk Grove website for safety tips and routes available.  

Plant a pot or window box with pollinator friendly plants. Not sure about the best choices? Check out the National Pollinator Garden Network or your local garden/nursery center. Remember vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, peas and beans also flower and provide nectar for pollinators and fresh food for you and are easy to grow in pots or hanging baskets.

Consider reducing your use of pesticides and chemicals on your lawns. A little can go a long way. Buy smaller containers of chemicals so you are less likely to feel the need to use it all up.  Spot treat noxious weeds like poison ivy. Remember dandelions provide spring nectar and pollen for insects like bees that have reduced their hives reserves over the long winter.

Osborn Park - Pink Crabs in BloomPlant a tree or flowering shrub to provide habitat for birds and insects to take shelter in. Consider the ultimate size of the tree or shrub and plant away from overhead power lines, roofs, and foundations. Many varieties now come in dwarf or smaller sizes. Check with your nursery or garden center for best options.  Dwarf fruit trees provide spring flowers, tasty, healthy treats and the fun of growing your own food.

However you decide to spend your time, this is a day to celebrate the wonderful planet we call home!