Guinness World Record Attempt includes Clark Park

Mon September 18, 2017

Disc Golf at Clark Park

On Saturday, September 23 & Sunday, September 24 an attempt will be made for a new Guinness World Record for “Most Disc Golf Courses Played within 24 Hours”. Joe Duncan and Garry Murphy, both prior disc golf record holders in 2014 for “Most Holes Played in 24 hours”, will simultaneously attempt to achieve this new entry into Guinness World Records which includes play at the Elk Grove Park District’s own disc golf course located at Clark Park, 681 Michigan Lane in Elk Grove Village, IL. The minimum number of courses needed to complete this new record is 10 but the duo hopes to at least double that number.

Their attempt begins at 10am on Saturday the 23rd and ends at 10am on Sunday the 24th. Play at Clark Park will begin at approximately 12:40 am on Sunday and is projected to take about an hour. Residents living near Clark Park should be aware that there will be officials and support staff including the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), caddies, witnesses and the players, walking the course, carrying flashlights, affixing lights to discs and carrying headlamps during the night time. Rounds will focus on route efficiency and quick completion of the course.

For additional information on Clark Park or this event, please contact the Parks & Planning Department at (847) 228-3502.