Pirates' Cove Theme Park featured on Two Broadcast Networks

Fri July 14, 2017

Pirates' Cove Children's Theme Park has been recently featured on two major broadcast networks.

ABC7 Chicago Logo
ABC7 featured Pirates' Cove Theme Park during their June 25, 2017 episode of the show 190 North with Janet Davies. Alongside the Elk Grove Park District's own Diane Malinowski, Public Relations Manager, they explore the children's theme park and highlight the various attractions for young kids the park has become known for.

  As seen on 190 North

190 North logo

WCIU featured Pirates Cove Theme Park
WCIU featured Pirates' Cove Theme Park during their July 14, 2017 episode of the show Me & You. Kelly Carbon, Superintendent of Marketing, guides you through the unique attractions for kids at the children's theme park showing you why "Pirates' Cove Does It Right" as well as other Elk Grove Park District  facilities available for parties, recreation and more for the entire family!

----paddle-boats.jpg As seen on WCIU, You & Me