Results are in on the Elk Grove Park District Resident Survey

Fri September 23, 2016

Youth Basketball at the Elk Grove Park District

Over 500 completed surveys were returned from the Elk Grove Village residents this summer. Public Research Group conducting the survey by using mail, email and telephone to collect the data. This was a statistically significant return rate giving the Park District a high confidence level that the results are representative of the Elk Grove residents. The survey was designed to measure resident behavior along with their perceptions on the topics of communication, technology, recreation, golf, parks and facilities.

Highlights of the results include the following conclusions:  the community is very satisfied with the Park District and the programs and services provided, the recreation programs overall are highly rated in terms of quality with Preschool, Youth Recreation and Youth Sports having the highest marks, the Park District seasonal brochure is the main way residents learn about the Park District and residents like having it delivered to their homes, improvements to the website continues to be an on-going strategy, the majority of the community do not play golf at the Fox Run Golf Links, parks are well maintained and visited on a weekly to monthly basis, and maintaining existing services is the highest priority for the Park District today, but if funds become scarce in the future, the preference is to reduce services to balance budgets.

You can view the entire survey and results on our Surveys page