Mind/Body Classes

Mind/Body classes at Pavilion Fitness are a great way to fulfill the whole body connection through both physical activity and mental focus training. Used for improving mood, deflating stress, depression, anxiety, and other chronic health problems while shaping your body; establishing the link between the mind and body can create a healthier, more confident, and happier you.

Below are some of the classes available at Pavilion Fitness. To learn more about them or register for the course, visit our online registration website and click the Fitness Health & Wellness link for the full list.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi at Pavilion FitnessLearn the perfect mind/body exercise for all ages in our beginners Tai Chi program. Students will be instructed on the correct way to practice and learn Tai Chi while progressively gaining the meditative and health benefits of this ancient martial art. Tai Chi can be preventative as well as a curative with therapeutic benefits for everyone including the aging, arthritic, and hypertensive.

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Meditation from Pavilion FitnessExperience the benefits a consistent meditation routine can bring. These benefits can include: less stress, better sleep, reduced anxiety, improved focus and memory, more creativity and flexibility, mental clarity, deeper spiritual awareness and reconnection to the simple pleasures of everyday life. Each meditation session will focus on a specific topic to help break through mental barriers . Start to refocus your life's journey here.

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Work It Out Wed

Work It Out Wednesday from Pavilion FitnessA fun motivating fitness experience! Enjoy mixing it up with various formats that will get you moving, keep you fit, and improve the quality of your day.

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Fitness Fun Friday

Fitness Fun Fridays from Pavilion FitnessJoin a certified group exercise instructor on Fridays for a fun, motivating fitness experience. These classes will help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, posture and balance and flexibility.

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Dancing to the 50s & 60s

Dancing to the 50s & 60sEnjoy the tunes of the 50's and 60's with this fun and energetic class. Nothing compares to dancing, having fun and movement with purpose. This class is for anyone who is interested in improving their mind, balance, cardiovascular and cognitive health.

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