Small Group Training

Small Group TrainingGet the quality experience of personal training for a fraction of the cost with small group training. Pavilion Fitness pros will lead your group through interactive workout sessions in a fun, stimulating and motivating environment. You'll work at your own fitness level while receiving personalized coaching from the trainer and feeding off the high-energy vibes from your group that will keep you putting forth your best.

Advantages of small group training:

  • Less expensive than individual personal training
  • Smaller in scale than classes; group size is 3-6 people
  • Large enough to be fun, small enough to keep focus
  • Designed for all levels of fitness. Train at your own level.
  • Stay motivated through peer to peer and trainer interactions
  • Short sessions for flexible commitments

To learn more about small group training available from Pavilion Fitness contact 847-690-1175 or email the coordinator Aileen Tischauser,

Group Training Fees

Type Member
4 8 16 4 8
Small Group Training
(1 hour sessions, 3 - 6 participants)
- -

Start Your Training

Start your training today by filling out the Personal Trainers Request and Health History form. Download it below or pick one up at the Pavilion Fitness front desk.

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Small Group Boxing

Small Group BoxingStimulate all muscle groups and provide the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise with small group boxing conditioning and training. Our boxing workouts will improve your reflexes, coordination, flexibility, speed, power and cardiovascular fitness with calorie-incinerating workouts. You'll learn real, effective techniques that tone the core, legs and arms while training hard and having a blast. Once you throw a punch at the heavy bag, you'll see just how stress-relieving boxing can be!

Min/max: 3 participants

Fit Life

Fit Life through MidlifeFit Life is a small group training program specifically designed for individuals of all fitness levels who are looking to jump start their metabolism and BURN those calories. Set in a small group training environment, you'll learn how to maximize caloric burn and keep them off to achieve your goals using a combination of fat burning workouts and proper nutritional guidance.

Min/Max: 3-6 participants