Youth Fitness

Pavilion Fitness offers youth fitness programs specially designed for children age 3-12. Youth fitness programs teach kids the importance of exercise for a happy, healthy lifestyle. Classes are taught in a noncompetitive environment to stimulate confidence and self-esteem while aiding in the development of agility, flexibility, motor skills, balance, coordination and strength.


YogaKids at Pavilion FitnessThe YogaKids® program specifically addresses the needs and capabilities of children based on the way they perceive, learn and integrate play. Children use the elements of yoga to enrich their lives through age appropriate music, games, language, math, art and storytelling. YogaKids® offers the benefits of focus, balance and fun all rolled up into one for the young ones. Parents can attend with your child for free (please register yourself when you register your child). All equipment needed for this class is provided.

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Youth Sports Specific Training

Youth Sports Specific Training at Pavilion FitnessCross training for teams in intramural and travel sports is offered through Pavilion Fitness. Personal trainers customize the workouts to fit the sport, enhancing the performance of players and the overall team. Contact (847) 228-3493 to set up a program for your youth's sports team.

To learn more about youth fitness available from Pavilion Fitness or register for a course online, visit our registration website and click the Fitness Health & Wellness link on the left panel for the full list.