Membership Types and Rates

Resident rates are for Elk Grove Village Resident memberships. Nonresident memberships have a nonresident rate. Enrollment fees are one time fees for new members and/or members whose membership has been inactive for 60 days or more. Prices subject to change.

Elk Grove Village Resident Annual Membership Rates

Type Full Payment Payment Plan Enrollment Fee
Individual $440 $41/month $79
Household of 2
$786 $67/month $138
Household of 3 or more* $1017 $86/month $150
Student $300 $27/month $49
Senior $300 $27/month $49

*Call Membership Department for details on Household of three or more (847) 640-2192

** Ask about our special corporate rates or how to become our CORPORATION OF THE MONTH and earn a free 30 day membership for all of your coworkers or employees! (847) 690-2192 for details.

Membership Application

Nonresident Annual Membership Rates

Type Full Payment Payment Plan Enrollment Fee
Individual $517 $47/month $79
Household of 2 $918 $77/month $138
Household of 3 or more* $1149 $96/month $150
Student $381 $34/month $49
Senior $381 $34/month $49

*Contact Membership Department for households of 3 or more (847) 640-2192

Group Exercise Pass

General group exercise classes are included in fitness memberships. Non-members may purchase a Group Fitness Class Pass (see prices below).

Photo ID passes can be purchased at the Pavilion Customer Service desk on the 1st floor of the Pavilion or at the Pavilion Fitness Membership Service desk. Proof of residency is required. Participation is allowed at age 10 (if completed our Teen Fitness Training Program); otherwise age 14. Check-in is required at Pavilion Fitness front desk. Before beginning any exercise program, it is advised that you consult your physician. Participation at all levels is welcomed. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to attendance, maintenance and instructor availability. Prices are subject to change.

Group Exercise Rates

Type Resident Non-resident
Drop-In $6 $7.50
20 Scan $83 $99

*All group exercise passes expire one year from purchase date.

If you would like to be added to the Group Exercise email distribution list, please email Group Exercise with Add to Group Ex List in the subject line.

Guest Passes / Daily Fees

Guest passes / daily fees are available at the Pavilion Fitness check-in desk. All guest passes / daily users must be at least 14 years of age. A photo ID is required for all users.

Guest Passes / Daily Fees

Type Fee
Daily $10 The daily fee paid may be used towards the enrollment of a new membership within 7 days of purchase with receipt, does not include aquatics.
Weekly $45 The weekly fee paid may be used towards the enrollment of a new membership if purchased before the weekly pass expires.
Monthly $85 The monthly fee paid may be used towards the enrollment of a new membership if puchased before the monthly pass expires.

Summer Pass

The three month Summer Pass goes on sale May 1 through June 30. The Summer Pass provides the same benefits as a full membership for a shorter period of time. Benefits include: access to the entire gym floor and its machines, the free weight area, indoor running track, group exercise classes (TRX, yoga & pilates not included - passes or walk-ins may be purchased for those), open gym, indoor & outdoor pools at the Pavilion Aquatics Center, whirlpool, steam room and more. Summer Passes are good for 3 months from the date of purchase and may be purchased with no enrollment fees. Student add-ons can only be applied to Individual or Household Membership types.

Summer Pass Fees

Type Fee
Elk Grove Village Resident $125
Nonresident $145
Student Add-on $75

*Refunds not available on Summer Passes.

Track Pass

You may purchase a track pass for the indoor suspended track (ten laps = one mile). Pavilion Fitness hours of operation apply to the Track Pass. Ages 10 - 13 can purchase a track pass as long as they are with a paying adult on the track at all times. Ages 14 and above can purchase a track pass with no restrictions. Elk Grove Village residents qualify for the resident rate. Track passes are sold downstairs at the Pavilion Customer Service Desk or upstairs at the Fitness Front Desk.

Track Pass Fees

Type Resident Rate Nonresident Rate
3 month $50 $65
6 month $70 $94
12 month $105 $165
Senior 3 month (Ages 65+) Free $55
Senior 6 month (Ages 65+) Free $75
Senior 12 month (Ages 65+) Free $140

TRX Suspension Training Pass

"Make Your Body Your Machine"

TRX Suspension Training body-weight exercise simultaneously develops strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Using a commercial suspension trainer,users leverage their own body weight to perform hundreds of different exercises and can control the intensity by adjusting body position and angle. Whether you're young or old, out of shape or a pro athlete, injured or at the top of your game, TRX Suspension Training meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

TRX Pass Fees

Type Member Non-Member ( R ) Non-member (NR)
Drop-In $8 $9 $10
10 Scan $70 $77 $92
20 Scan $120 $132 $158

10 & 20 Scan Passes expire 12 months from date of purchase. Circuit Express (1/2 hour) is a $4 Drop-in.

Yoga Pass

Yoga classes are held at either Pavilion Fitness or the Sheila Ray Adult Center/Al Hattendorf Center. See the schedule for times and fee structure. Passes are available for purchase at both the Pavilion and Hattendorf customer service desks and Pavilion Fitness Membership services desk. All Yoga classes are included on the class pass.

Yoga Pass Fees

Type Resident & Non Resident Member Fee Non-Member ( R ) Non-Member (NR)
Drop-In $8 $9 $10
10 Scan $70 $77 $92
20 Scan $120 $132 $158

* Yoga Passes expire one year from date of purchase.


To join Pavilion Fitness, please fill out the online inquiry form below and one of our Membership Professionals will contact you for an appointment. Visit our Membership Types page for a description of available memberships and fees. You may also visit our Membership Services Department during Membership Open Hours. Pavilion Fitness is located in the Jack A. Claes Pavilion at 1000 Wellington Ave. in Elk Grove Village, IL on the 2nd floor.

Make the Switch

Thinking of switching from your current gym to Pavilion Fitness? Make the move and we'll waive your enrollment fee when you join. Just show proof of your membership from another fitness facility at the time of your enrollment.

Refer a Friend

What could be better than working out with a friend who helps keep you motivated and on top of your fitness regimen? How about saving money while working out with that friend? When you participate in the Refer a Friend program at Pavilion Fitness you can do both. Extend your membership for an extra month for free with no limits on the amount of referrals. Referrals must be brand new members to Pavilion Fitness must be active members for 30 days before your free month is added to your membership. To take advantage of the Refer a Friend program, simply have your friend sign up for a new membership with a Membership Services Consultant and mention your name.

For questions on the Refer a Friend program, please call 847.640-2192.

Contact Pavilion Fitness Membership Services

For questions or more information regarding Pavilion Fitness memberships, please call (847) 640-2192.