ACES Club After School Care

ACES Club After School Care - School District 54

Ongoing registration available for ACES Club. Fall 2019-2020 registration begins in March, look for more details in the spring brochure.

The Elk Grove Park District Early Childhood program in cooperation with School District 54 is pleased to offer ACES Club. The after school recreational alternative is designed to service the needs of working families whose children attend the following District 54 schools: Link, Stevenson & Nerge.

ACES Club is a bussed service, taking place off-site at the Al Hattendorf Center, 225 Elk Grove Boulevard, specifically at the Early Childhood Center wing. ACES is available for children K-6 who will be coordinated into age-appropriate play and learning groups under the direction of the Early Childhood Department.

ACES Club will follow School District 54's calendar and scheduled dismissals, Monday through Friday afternoons only. ACES Club is available from 2 to 5 days. Due to a system wide computer upgrade, we no longer offer a 4:30pm pricing option. Please see our fee below, and disregard on the Registration Form.

The program includes:

  • transportation from the appropriate school to our facility
  • a nutritious snack
  • space where children can feel secure, learn and grow

The program will provide age-appropriate play, recreational learning experiences, in addition to a quiet space for relaxation and academic support. It is our goal to offer a nurturing extended day environment, in which we promote problems solving skills, social interaction, independence, self-esteem, and creativity. The Elk Grove Park District is committed to unifying our community, the preschool, and school district by building a cooperative and supportive relationship with our Elk Grove Village families.

ACES Club Rates

$13.00 per Day


Contact the Coordinator

For more information regarding the Preschool, Early Childhood programming or early childhood summer camps, please call (847) 364-7224.