Early Childhood / Preschool Amenities

Common Areas


----Hallway.jpgOur brightly lit, colorful entrance hallway is accentuated with our brand new wooden lockers. These wooden lockers are made in America and are extremely child friendly. At any given point in time, the hall is decorated with children's artwork. The hall also contains a documentation bulletin board for each classroom.


----Hattendorf-Kitchen.jpgAvailable for rentals! View more information.

Multipurpose Gym

----AHC-Gym.jpgOur spacious gym is perfect for our developmentally appropriate large motor activities. Gym class is included in your child's registration. Students will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of equipment through fun and creative activities here.

This location is available for rentals! View more information.

Multipurpose Room

----ec-multipurpose-room.jpgAs the name states, this large open room is used for many purposes. Our lunch program is held in this room. Tables are set up for lunch and a play area is also included. A side door gives easy access to our playground. This room is also used for our activity guide classes. The movable wall that separates the gym and a door to the hallway that closes give this area more privacy. The wall of windows looking out on our playground is an added bonus.


----AHC-Stage.jpgThis stage is a great place for kids to learn and perform.

Music Room

----MusicRoom.jpgOur Music Classroom is part of (a division of) our multi-purpose room. It allows our students to investigate the elements of music through sensory, organizational, and expressive experiences.


----Library.jpgOur library is an important spot! It lends itself to informing and connecting families and the greater community to resources and open play space.


----ec-classroom-red.jpgOur classrooms are bright and welcoming with tables for small group learning.


----ec-playground.jpgOur playground is very bright and fun for little ones to play!

Security Doors

----SecurityDoors.jpgUnder the Elk Grove Park District Rainbow Banner you will find the security doors. The Preschool wing of the Al Hattendorf Center is locked from 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. The safety of each and every child is very important to us. Whenever the door is open, a member of the Preschool Staff will be at the door.