Jr. High Teen Night


Grades: 6th, 7th, and 8th

Teens in grades 6-8 can enjoy an entertaining night of music, dancing, basketball, contests and more at the Pavilion. Discounted passes are available for purchase, but must be purchased prior to 1:00pm on the day of the event. All participants must arrive by at least 8:30pm, otherwise will be turned away. At the end of each night, teens are required to be signed out by a parent.


Once a month during the current school year. Please see the Calendar of Events for the exact day.

Calendar of Events

Get your tickets in advance at the Pavilion Service Desk for a discount. Walk-in admission that evening is also available. The fun starts at 7pm. IG'ers find us on Instagram at @elkgroveparks and have fun sharing your pics will us! #teensineg

Fees / Global Card ID

All Teen Night participants must have an Elk Grove Park District Global ID card to enter. The first ID is free and can be picked up any time the Customer Service Counter is open or when paying for the 1st Teen Night. Once a Global ID is issued, additional Nights can be added at the Customer Service Counter or online. The Global ID is required at every Teen Night. Not only does this ensure that every teen is checked in properly, but ID's also provide a valuable list of all teens in attendance. The Elk Grove Park District Global Card can be used for all future Elk Grove Park District memberships as well, so try not to lose it. Replacement ID's cost $10. Passes bought at the door will be charged at the door admission rate.

Type Fee
Door Admission Rate: $10
5 Punch Pass $40
All School Year Membership: $60

Elk Grove Park District staff recommends purchasing Teen Night passes ahead of time to save time during the dance. Unused pre-registered Teen Night passes will not be refunded, so be sure to only buy what you will use.

Dress Code

The Elk Grove Park District has a dress code for all teen programs. Participants may not wear revealing clothing such as bare midriffs, low cut tops, bare backs, or spaghetti straps. Pants and shorts must be worn at or above the hips. Skirts and shorts must be worn at a reasonable length (not shorter than an arms length when arms and fingers are fully extended at sides of body). Hats will not be allowed. Clothing with inappropriate slogans or pictures such as depictions of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, vulgar language, or violence, etc; are not acceptable. Fabrics may not be see-through. Students may be asked to change their clothes, or call parents for new clothes if what they are wearing is inappropriate. Suitability of clothing is subject to the judgment and discretion of staff members. The Elk Grove Park District recommends wearing closed toe (gym shoes) for all teen activities.

For more information regarding Teen Programming, please call 847-437-9494.