Capital Development & Improvement

Capital Development & Improvement,

Capital Development and Improvement

Planning for capital development and improvement at the Elk Grove Park District can be a complex combination of demands, financing and the long range plans for the District. The Park District has prepared a capital plan that establishes the priority projects for the budget cycle. Input to the plan includes projects that were not funded in the last budget cycle and are still a priority to the organization, plus new requests for projects that are physically and financially feasible. Input and requests come from a variety of areas within the District, including the Recreation Department, Parks Department, IT Department, Facilities Department and the Youth Athletics Leagues. The number of worthy projects generally far exceeds available funds. Therefore, funding priorities become an important part to the capital planning process.

The Elk Grove Park District utilizes the following criteria to assist in determining the priority of a requested project.

  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Impact on Operating Funds/Reduces Expenses
  • Code Compliance
  • Potential for Revenue Generation
  • Previous Commitment
  • Potential for Additional Outside/Alternate Funding

Capital planning can be an intense process of information gathering, reviewing, analyzing, planning and budgeting. Project requests are reviewed for feasibility, transformed into projects and given priority or rejected. In this process, feasibility reviews ensure that appropriate values and agreed upon criteria establish the direction for long-range planning and build on the Park District's Mission and Vision Statements.

Master Plan

The Elk Grove Park District's Comprehensive Master Plan is an important document as the District continues a phase of limited growth where maintaining and enhancing existing parks and facilities, and improving services to the community, are the highest priorities. With population growth slowing and demographics changing, EGPD is poised to face the future utilizing this Plan as a guide.

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Community Input

Projects for Parks and Recreation typically involve public input as a part of the process. The Elk Grove Park District would like to give its community members an opportunity to help shape their design, and give us their ideas, comments, and inspiration on the projects scheduled for their neighborhood.