Controlled Natural Area Burns at Carson, CAF, and Windemere Parks


The Elk Grove Park District has contracted Bedrock Earthscapes to conduct a controlled burn of our natural areas at Carson, CAF, and Windemere parks. The controlled burn is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, April 5, 2020 if conditions are favorable. If the burn is not completed Sunday expect it within the following week.                                          

Prescribed controlled burns are a natural way to manage the environment. By using a controlled burn, we are controlling and reducing the volume of pesticides that would otherwise be used to control invasive weeds in those areas. 

Desired plant roots extend deep into the ground and will remain safe during the process. Likewise, desirable trees have thick bark that can withstand the fire. Following our Spring burns, you can expect to see the desired vegetation return quickly.

Please forward any questions or concerns to Tim White, Director of Parks and Planning via our contact form.

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