Morton and Olmsted Park Restoration

Updated January 15, 2021

The Grounds team has begun a native restoration at both Morton and Olmsted Parks along Salt Creek. This in-house project is being led by our horticulturist, Gina Del Medico. Phase 1 has been completed on the Morton Park side, and Olmsted Park will begin shortly. The grounds department's goal is to remove years of overgrowth of weedy trees and plants to make room for native plants and wildlife.

November 27, 2020

The Elk Grove Park District's grounds department is working on a native restoration project at Morton and Olmsted Parks along Salt Creek. The first phase of this restoration includes the elimination of weeds and undesirable weed trees. Our Horticulture Crew Leader, Gina Del Medico, has many years of experience in natural area restoration and is the lead on this project.

An aspect of the restoration includes creating brush piles and burning them on site (cut-stack-burn). All permits and notifications have been obtained with the state and village, including the daily notification to the Elk Grove fire department when implementing the "cut-stack-burn" technique. Winter work will continue as the weather permits.