Perry Weather Notification Coming to Elk Grove Parks


New Emergency Weather and Lightning Alert System Coming to Elk Grove Village Parks

A new emergency weather and lightning alert system is coming to the Elk Grove Village Parks. It will replace the aging Thor Guard system at the parks throughout the community. The Elk Grove Park District is overseeing the installation and assuming responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the system. Installation of the new system will begin in April and is expected to be fully functional by June 1st.

The Perry Weather outdoor warning system is a completely wireless, cloud-based emergency alert and lighting warning system that is constantly operational and integrated with the most reliable lightning detection network to provide 24 hour weather risk monitoring and warning.

Warnings for lightning through the new system will continue using the audio and visual cues familiar to Elk Grove residents. Residents will hear one 15 second horn blast to warn of lightning in the area, along with a strobe light flash while the alert remains active, and three short horn blasts and the cessation of the strobe light indicating an all-clear.

The new system will also be equipped with public address functionality, which allows these units to dually function as an emergency management tool, able to broadcast personalized text-to-speech messages. The Elk Grove Park District worked with Perry Weather to ensure that the outdoor warning systems in parks throughout the community are capable of ensuring that all residential areas in the community can hear an alert from a nearby park.