Adult Center Services

The Sheila Ray Adult Center offers the following services to its members. Whether it's borrowing medical equipment, or getting legal consultation, there are many helpful areas for you to choose from when needed.

Lunch Bunch

Enjoy a delicious meal from Amita. Menus are available each week at the Sheila Ray Adult Center or Al Hattendorf Center Customer Service Desk. All meals are prepared by Amita Health at Aleixan Borthers Medical Center. Meals must be purchased by 2pm the day before the lunch will be distributed. If there are less tha 4 participants, the program will be cancelled and your account will be credited. Meals are available on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Pick up at the Chit Chat Cafe between 11-12pm.

Fee: $6 per meal






The Elk Grove Park District is a member of a cooperative agreement among 17 park districts which form the Northwest Special Recreation Association (NWSRA). NWSRA's team of full-time Therapeutic Recreation professionals and trained part-time staff offer safe, fun and quality year round recreation opportunities to people with disabilities of all ages and ability levels. Inclusion assistance is provided by NWSRA to those individuals who wish to participate in their home park district program.

When registering for a Park District program, the individual with a disability or their guardian should inform the Park District of the need for accommodation. The Park District staff will then contact NWSRA for assistance with the request. Accommodations may include additional staff training, resources and/or staff as necessary to ensure success for the person with the disability.

More information about NWSRA may be obtained by visiting their website or a brochure may be picked up the Park District Main Office. Visit the NWSRA website.


Phone Reassurance

Phone Reassurance Sick & Vigil Service volunteers telephone home bound and hospitalized members, send get-well and sympathy letters. Call the Adult Program Supervisor at 847-228-3842 for more information on this service.

Phone Reassurance


Getting to the Sheila Ray Adult Center is simple! Even if you are unable to drive, transportation to the Sheila Ray Adult Center is just a phone call away.

Township Dial-A-Bus Service

Township Dial-A-Bus Service is provided to township residents over age 55. Call 847-437-0300 before 3:00 pm the day before to reserve a free bus ride to the Center.

Pace Dial-A-Ride Door to Door Bus Service

Pace Dial-A-Ride Door to Door Bus Service is available by calling 847-299-6212 to schedule a pick up. Service is within Elk Grove Village limits only and the fee is 65 cents one way with a RTA Senior ID. This service is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.