About Pirates Cove

About Pirates Cove,

About Pirates Cove

In Elk Grove Village, IL you will find our own buried treasure, "Pirates' Cove." Open from June through August, the Park is designed to stimulate and encourage the creative exploration and imagination of children between the ages of one and nine. Guests may visit our concession stand to purchase a snack, or bring in their own picnic lunch. Be sure to plan your visit to come see us this summer.

Pirates' Cove recommends wearing socks and gym shoes to play.

About Pirates Cove

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For more information regarding the Pirates' Cove Children's Theme Park, its programming or summer camps, please call 847-439-COVE during regular season hours or 847-690-1129 during off-season hours. For parties, groups or corporate rentals call 847-228-3529.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are frequently asked questions about Pirates' Cove.

  1. Do I need to count adults in the guest count?
  2. Can I bring my own picnic lunch into the park?
  3. Can adults ride any rides?
  4. Do I need to bring a swimsuit and towel for the park?
  5. Can I rent out the whole park?
  6. Can I bring my own food, cake and beverages into the park?
  7. Can I rent out the whole park?
  8. What is the difference between the party sites?
  9. What is the difference between party times?
  10. I may have a few extra people coming to my party, is that ok?
  11. How will my guests know where to go?
  12. The weather looks threatening, how will I know if the party will still be held?
  13. What is the cancellation policy?
  14. I would like to bring in a magician or face painter to entertain my party guests, is that allowed?
  15. Do you allow balloons?
  16. Will there be someone to help me set up my party site?
  17. Can I come early to set up my party site?
  18. How can I add extras to my party?
  19. I want to purchase goodie boxes, but I haven't received all of my R.S.V.P.'s?
  20. Is there ice available for my cooler?
  21. Is there a refrigerator available for my cake?
  22. Is there a freezer available for ice cream?
  23. Are there outlets for me to use to plug in a crock pot?
  24. Do I need to bring tablecloths for my party site?
  25. Can I bring a pinata?
  26. Can I bring my own decorations and confetti?

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