Etiquette & Conduct

 Etiquette & Conduct,

Gym Etiquette and Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines in helping make the Pavilion Fitness Center an exceptional experience for all members. Thank you.

Pavilion Fitness Etiquette

  • Avoid using inappropriate language.
  • Proper attire is required at all times including shirts and athletic shoes (no open toe, sandals, flip flops).
  • Refrain from talking on your cell phones while working out. Reminder: cell phone usage is prohibited in the locker rooms.
  • Allow other members to utilize equipment, weights, and lap lanes, especially between sets. For safety reasons, use the equipment properly and put away when finished. Do not bang weight stacks on machines or drop dumbbells or barbells.
  • Please put away dumbbells and re-rack weights after use.
  • When finished with the equipment, wipe away sweat or dirt with appropriate sanitation wipes located throughout the fitness center.
  • Properly discard wipes, water bottles, other garbage.
  • For the safety of everyone, please place your belongings in a locker. Gym bags, backpacks and large purses are not allowed on the Fitness floor or track areas.

Locker Room Etiquette

  • Cell phone usage is prohibited in locker rooms (Ordinance No. 259 & Village Ordinance No. 2964); if ordinance is violated village fine is up to $1,000.
  • Please do not use sinks to wash/rinse clothing. Sinks may be used to shave facial hair; following your shave please clean up the sink afterwards.
  • When showering it is strictly prohibited to: blow your nose, cough up phlegm, or spit in the shower stall
  • Please place towel on the floor prior to applying talc.
  • Do not cut your finger or toe nails in locker rooms or shower stalls.

Fitness Staff will be making rounds in the locker rooms to ensure members are following etiquette rules. If a member is reported that habitually breaks these rules, management will take further action.

Indoor Track Usage

  • While on the indoor track, follow the directional signs
  • Approximately 10 laps equal one mile
  • Slower walkers and/or runners should keep to the inside of the track.
  • When track has heavy usage; please stay in your individual and designated lane (i.e. joggers in jog lane, runners in run lane).
  • If the track is not heavily used; runners and joggers please be careful NOT to cut-off walking patrons. Leave at least one stride difference before cutting into first lane.
  • Spitting, foul language, fighting and large fitness equipment on track will result in immediate dismissal from the Indoor Track. Possible suspension/removal of Indoor Track privileges.