The Elk Grove Park District offers a wide of variety of music classes for the beginner to the advanced. There are private lessons available for those students looking to concentrate on a specific instrument. Private lessons are available for guitar, drum, piano and voice. Group music lessons are also available for guitar.

Group Lessons

Group Guitar Lessons

Learn basic guitar skills in a fun, low pressure group setting. Students will learn proper guitar technique, traditional musical notation, first position chords and bar chords, basic scales and fingerings and fun songs to impress their family and friends. All students must supply their own acoustic guitar.

Ages: 6 - 14 years.

Private Lessons

Private Drum Lessons

Put a beat in your step with professional drum lessons! Beginner through advanced students will learn rock, jazz and blues techniques with live musical accompaniment. Each student will need to bring their own drumsticks to each lesson.

Ages: 6+ years

Private Guitar Lessons

This is a great place to begin learning or pick up where you left off! Learn basic and advance techniques of acoustic or electric guitar or electric bass guitar in a customized one-on-one setting. The Instructor will create lesson plans to fit your learning style and musical interests. Students must furnish their own guitar.

Ages: 6+ years

Private Piano Lessons

This is a great opportunity to get professional one-on-one lessons and expand your musical education and creativity.

Ages: 6+ years

Private Voice Lessons

Learn breathing techniques, discover your vocal range and expand your musical interests. After the first lesson, students may be required to bring sheet music of a vocal accompaniment CD.

Ages: 6+ years