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Pavilion Dance Centre

How do I register for classes?

Dance classes for the year register in August and run September - June. A complete listing of classes along with registration details can be found in the fall park district brochure and through online registration with an active Park District account. Due to the cumulative nature of our program and recital preparations, no new students may be added to recital classes after November 1st. We do offer some non-recital dance classes that are open for enrollment throughout the year; a listing of these classes is included in the seasonal park district brochure.

When and where is the dress rehearsal?

Dress rehearsal is the week prior to recital at the Harper College Performing Arts Center in Palatine. You will be given the exact day and time for your class's dress rehearsal when you receive your costume in May. Attending the dress rehearsal is mandatory. Students absent from the dress rehearsal will not perform in the recital. Late arrival to the rehearsal constitutes an absence; so please allow extra time to travel to Harper College. Classes will have an allotted amount of time to rehearse his/her dance on stage with the instructor and technical crew. During this time, technicians are queuing lights, instructors are staging the dance and all props and scenery are being set. All dances will run only once, due to the volume of participation in the program. Any repetition of a dance will be for technical reasons only.

How do I get recital tickets?

Recital tickets are available for purchase in early April. Each family (not each student) is guaranteed an initial quantity of tickets per color recital in which his/her class is performing. The initial quantity of tickets available to dance families will be determined in early spring. Tickets must be purchased in person from Pavilion Customer Service. Extra tickets (if available) go on sale a few weeks later.

How are recitals structured?

Classes are broken into specific recital colors in a manner that seeks to best balance and present a variety of ages and dance styles. All students perform both days of recital weekend. Each recital color will have a technical rehearsal in the theatre prior to show dates. Technical rehearsal is for the safety of all parties backstage and is mandatory. It gives students an opportunity to dance on the stage with lights and sound, practice safe entrances and exits during blackouts and rehearse proper spacing. More information will be available in the Spring prior to recital.

When and where is the recital?

The dance recital is held in June. The exact dates will be listed on the Pavilion Dance Centre calendar. The recital is held at the Harper College Performing Arts Center, 1200 W. Algonquin Road in Palatine. The Harper Performing Arts Center is a state of the art facility seating 450 people and is a resource that nurtures and educates community members about the arts. This unique building has an extensive fly system along with an orchestra pit, trap and stage extension. These characteristics enable the Harper Performing Arts Center to produce quality productions and allow the community an opportunity to experience exceptional artistic productions close to home!

Can I still dance and not participate in the recital?

Yes, but we ask that you inform both our Dance Coordinator and the Instructor of your intention not to participate in the recital by November 1st. This is so that a costume is not ordered and the instructor may choreograph the recital dance accordingly. You may continue to take classes and will be given the experience of learning the recital dance even though you will not be participating in the recital.

How do I participate in the recital?

The Pavilion Dance Centre recital program begins in September and ends with recital performances in June. The tuition rate covers the entire recital season (September through June) and includes a recital costume. No new registrations for recital classes will be accepted after November 1. In addition, costume fees are non-refundable for any reason after November 1. Dancers in multiple classes will likely perform in various recitals throughout the weekend. Dancers are required to perform on both days and attend their dress rehearsal day(s) the week prior to performances.

How can I become a teaching assistant?

Teaching Assistant applications are available at the Pavilion Customer Service counter during fall registration. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Pavilion Dance Centre office at (847) 228-3519.

Can I make up classes that I miss?

Yes, you may make up a missed class by taking any other class at the same or lower level. Ask your Instructor for information on which classes may be taken. If an Instructor needs to cancel a class for any reason, the class will be made up during a designated Pavilion Dance Centre Make-up Week. See the Pavilion Dance Centre Calendar for exact dates.

Is there financial assistance for students in the program?

Yes. The Elk Grove Parks Foundation is a 501c(3) charitable organization created to support parks and recreation activities within Elk Grove Village. Based on the availability of funds, the Foundation will attempt to provide financial assistance to those residents who meet the eligibility requirements. For more information or to begin the application process, please contact the Superintendent of Recreation at (847) 228-3487.

Why is there a dress code?

Dress codes are essential to the success of a dancer. At the Pavilion Dance Centre, we provide our staff with the tools necessary to be the most productive and successful in his/her class. The dress code allows for proper visibility, as dance instructors need to be able to see the students' bodies and very specific details in order to give constructive feedback. Dress codes are mandatory for participation in all Pavilion Dance Centre dance classes. Please refer to the Pavilion Dance Centre's Dance Handbook for a listing of your dancer's required dress code, specific to each class in which they are enrolled. 

How are dancers placed in levels?

Dancers are placed in the appropriate level through the expertise of our Dance Staff. New students will be placed in an age appropriate level and will be immediately assessed by the instructor and moved if necessary.

How old does my child have to be to dance?

The Pavilion Dance Centre offers a variety of dance classes for students ages 3 through adult.

When does registration for the dance year begin?

Registration for recital classes begin in August with classes running September through June. Registration for non-recital classes is available throughout the year. Refer to the seasonal Park District brochure for the most current class listings and registration dates.

Can I videotape the recital?

The Pavilion Dance Centre has an agreement with All Occassions Video and therefore photography and video taping is strictly prohibited. Photography and Videotaping may be done only at the Dress Rehearsal within the designated areas. Because classes are scheduled to run each dance once, please be ready to video and photograph during this one run. The professional DVD's may be ordered in the Spring or at the dress rehearsal and recitals. Parents may also video record recital dances during In-Class Dress Rehearsal at the beginning of June and in any of the scheduled parent viewing weeks.