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Pirates' Cove

Do I need to count adults in the guest count?

The party guest count must include both children and adults. The party sites can only accommodate the stated maximum number of guests, either 24, 32, 48 or 60 depending on the site booked. (Infants under 1 year old do not need to be counted in the guest count)  All guests will receive a wristband to access the park and party area, no one will be allowed in the party area without a party wristband. The Birthday child and 2 adult chaperones do not need to be included in your guest count.  Extra guests above your sites maximum are not allowed.  If your guest count exceeds your sites maximum, you will be charged for the next larger site or $10.00 per person, whichever is more, but will not receive any additional seating.

Can I bring my own picnic lunch into the park?

Yes, you may bring in your own food and beverages into the park. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park. A concession stand is also available to purchase food, beverages and ice cream at reasonable prices.

Can adults ride any rides?

Most rides at Pirates' Cove are for children only. Adults may ride the Safari train and the Pirate Plunge Slide.

Do I need to bring a swimsuit and towel for the park?

Pirates' Cove is a theme park not a water park, while there is a water attraction (Barnacle Bay Boats), your child will not need a swimsuit or towel. However, the Pavilion Aquatics Center is right next door to the park and can be added to your park admission for an additional fee. If you decide to go to the Pavilion Aquatics Center you will need a swimsuit and towel.

Can I rent out the whole park?

Yes, the whole park is available for rentals on Friday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm. The cost is $2,150 for Residents and $2,250 for nonresidents. Call the rental coordinator at (847) 228-3529 for more details.