Rotary Fest Parking Information for July 17-21. Parking is available at Grove Jr. High School and Morton Park (910 Brantwood Ave). Make sure to park in designated areas and follow all signage.
Rainbow Falls Waterpark parking will be limited due to Rotaryfest.

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Gym Etiquette and Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines in helping make the Pavilion Fitness Center an exceptional experience for all members. Thank you.

Pavilion Fitness Rules of Etiquette

  • Meet and Greet our friendly Fitness staff to check in.
  • Ages 14+ (10-13 if approved through our Teen training program)
  • Be courteous when using equipment.
  • Return all equipment to its original location.
  • Sharing is caring.
  • Wipe down after use – germs are still a thing.
  • Chalk may be used if cleaned up properly.
  • Please wear proper attire.
  • Watch out for those toes! Closed toe shoes only!
  • Refrain from dropping or slamming weights (If necessary, the only exception is bumper plates on the platforms)
  • Be courteous when using a cell phone.
  • Please work in, the equipment is here for everyone to use.
  • Posting videos on Social Media is great but people would rather not appear as extras.
  • Feel free to inquire about free daily use lockers – they are homes for backpacks, large purses and coats.
  • Please be respectful of members and staff. We all belong here!
  • All tobacco products are prohibited, including all vaping products.
  • Hungry? We have vending machines and tables with chair downstairs.
  • Things happen – please report any injuries, facility or equipment irregularities to the Fitness desk.
  • Personal Training – please inquire at the Fitness desk (All personal trainers must be employees of the Park District, interested apply today!)

Locker Room Etiquette

  • Interested in locker rentals? Please see the Fitness desk.
  • Free daily lockers are available for the day. Belongings will be removed nightly.
  • Please be courteous of all members, guests and staff.
  • Lock your locker only.
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • All tobacco products are prohibited, including all vaping products.
  • Report any issues or concerns to the Fitness desk.
  • Cell phone usage (Talking/Texting/Video recording) is strictly prohibited in locker rooms (Ordinance No. 259 and Village Ordinance No. 2964); if ordinance is violated, village fine up to $1,000.
  • All applicable Fitness Code of Conduct policies also apply to the locker rooms.

Indoor Track Etiquette

  • Track direction changes daily (Su/Tu/Th/Sa – Clockwise and Mon/Wed/Fri – Counter-Clockwise)
  • Meet and greet our friendly Fitness staff to check-in.
  • Ages 14+/Ages 10-13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Beep! Beep! Use caution when entering, exiting and passing on the track.
  • Respect others pace by staying in your lane.
  • Walking two side-by-side is great. Three is a crowd!
  • Strollers and Walkers are welcome in the inside lane.
  • Please be courteous when using a cell phone.
  • Watch out for others.
  • Share lanes.
  • Zoom! Keep moving!

Track Distances – per 10 laps

  • Walkers: Inside lane (.97 miles)
  • Joggers: Middle lane (1.011 miles)
  • Runners: Outside lane (1.048 miles)

Code of Conduct

Members will abide by all rules and regulations and shall conduct themselves in a safe, considerate and reasonable manner so as not to cause disturbance or to damage equipment and property. Members and guests will display respect, consideration, and courtesy to all other members, guests, staff and Pavilion property. Elk Grove Park District has the right to discontinue an individual’s use or membership because of disruptive, inappropriate, or unsafe behavior within the building.

It’s More Than a Gym, It’s a Community!

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