4 Easy Ways to Register

Online Registration

Search for recreation programs, monitor your family account, and register for programs. To access this system, all you need is your username (Main Contact - email address) and password. Online, everyday - 24 hours a day, visit our online registration portal.

We've introduced a new online registration system to make signing up for your favorite activities easier than before. To create an online account, residency must first be verified with a Customer Service representative. Learn more about how to create your new online account to continue to the fun with parks and recreation!

In Person

Sign up for classes, memberships, activities, events and more at the Elk Grove Park District with your household account! To create a household account, visit the Customer Service Desk at either of two locations during business hours. Please bring proof of residency for verification purposes. Take it one step further and ask to activate the online registration option. Learn more about household accounts.

1000 Wellington Avenue, Elk Grove Village
Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am - 7:30 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sun Closed

Al Hattendorf Center
225 East Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove Village
Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sat & Sun Closed

Drop Off Box

Place a completed registration form and check in a sealed envelope and drop off in designated box at the Pavilion, 1000 Wellington Avenue, Elk Grove Village.

Mail In

Complete a registration form and mail the form with payment to:

Elk Grove Park District
Attn: Registration, 1000 Wellington Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Check first and second class choices. Please do not mail cash.

Household Accounts

This account consists of up to two adults and dependent children, less than 26 years of age who reside at the same address. If there are two or more families living at the same address, where there are more than two adults over the age of 26, then two or more accounts must exist.

Household accounts must be created before registering for classes and programs. If you have not updated your current account (after November 2016) or do not have an account with us, bring a completed Family Data Form, along with a photo ID and qualifying documents to verify residency status to one of our customer service locations for setup.

Family Data Form

Online Accounts

Online registration is easy and secure at the Elk Grove Park District. To create an online household account, residency must be verified by first visiting either the Pavilion Customer Service or the Al Hattendorf Center Customer Service locations. Once verified, the customer service representative will activate the account for online registration. This will be the first and only time residency verification will be needed for the system. Please bring sufficient documentation to verify residency status.


All Elk Grove Village residents may not be residents of the Elk Grove Park District. Residents that support Elk Grove Park District through property taxes are defined as Elk Grove Park District residents. The Elk Grove Park District is not a part of the Village of Elk Grove Government. The Elk Grove Park District is a stand-alone tax supported agency. You may have an Elk Grove Village address, but not pay taxes to the Elk Grove Park District. The quickest way to determine your Park District resident status is to check your resident tax bill. The park district you pay taxes to will be listed. If you reside in Elk Grove Village, but do not pay taxes to the Elk Grove Park District, you are eligible for the Non-Resident Household Membership. (See definition below) District residents will have priority registration as the dates of registration are listed in the seasonal brochures. Resident and non-resident fees are listed with the program information. When establishing a new household account with the Elk Grove Park District, and including an online account, each resident is required to prove residency in person. This is a matter of data verification to make sure we have the most updated information in our new system. Once completed, we will activate the online portion.

Please provide one qualifying document for each person you are listing on your account.

Proof of Residency for Adults 18+

  • Current resident utility bill (within the last month)
  • Property tax bill
  • Current drivers' license or government issued ID
  • Passport
Dependent Children Under Age 26

  • Birth certificate
  • Health insurance card listing the minors
  • Passport

Non-resident Household Memberships

Elk Grove Village residents living outside the Elk Grove Park District boundaries (Bluejay, Cardinal, Cutter, Dierking, Doral, Fox Run Drive, Galleon, Gibson Drive #1500-1571, Greensboro Court, Hawk, Inverness, Lee, Longboat, Oriole, Pebble Beach Circle, Red Fox, Richard, Roppolo, Sara Court, Schooner, Sell, University, Vera, Vermont Drive 4 digit numbers, and Yale) and employees of Elk Grove businesses have the opportunity to receive resident rates. The annual membership is $70 per family. To register for the Non-Resident Household Membership, please visit the customer service desk at the Pavilion or the Al Hattendorf Center.

Business Owners Rate

Elk Grove Business owners, who reside outside the Elk Grove Park District, but who pay Elk Grove Park District taxes, are eligible to receive a discounted business rate on Park District programs. The business owner rate is equivalent to the listed resident rate, and business owners may register during the resident registration period. However, the participant is still considered a non-resident in terms of residency status. Business owners must prove ownership prior to registration.


The Elk Grove Park District accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards/ debit cards. Elk Grove Park District gift cards may also be used. Please note a $35 charge will be assessed for a check returned.