Rumor vs Fact

Do you have a question or heard a rumor about the Elk Grove Park District that needs to be dispelled? Ask us here.

Pavilion Aquatics Center Closure - August 2018

Rumor:There was no notification that the Pavilion Aquatic Center (PAC) was closing for maintenance.

Fact:The Park District notified users by posting the closure in the summer brochure (page 13), on the website, signage at PAC and through an e-mail to members. The Park District extended the operating hours for the outdoor pool to 6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Monday - Friday during the maintenance closure. This was posted on the website and through signage. PAC members are also allowed to use Rainbow Falls Aquatic Center (RBF) during the maintenance closure. Elk Grove Village residents and season pass holders are allowed in RBF 30 minutes prior to the public.

Day Care Center - January 2018

Rumor: The Park District will operate a Day Care Center at the Chelmsford facility when the Park District owns the facility.

Fact: The Park District has no plans to operate a Day Care Center at the Chelmsford facility or any other facility. As part of the potential Chelmsford facility and land purchase the current Day Care Center has the option to operate the Day Care Center at the Chelmsford facility until January 1, 2020.

Audubon Skate Park - March 2017

Rumor: Audubon Indoor Skate Park will be closing since an outdoor skate park is being built.

Fact: At this time, the Audubon (Indoor) Skate Park will remain open as an indoor skate park for regular seasonal operating hours (October - March). Any changes to that direction will be posted on the Audubon Skate Park official webpage.

Udall Park - South Pathway

Rumor: The Park District will be replacing the path at Udall Park that is cracked near the south end of the Park by Rockwood Drive.

Fact: The Park District will not be replacing that section of the path since the Park District does not own the path or the property it sits on. ComEd owns the property and have been notified about the condition of the path.