Youth Activities & Classes

Youth Activities & Classes,

Youth Activities

The Brave Way Self Defense Training

Give us two hours and we'll teach you and your family how to defend yourselves. Originally certified by the State of Illinois to teach police officers, this is one of the easiest to learn and most effective self-defense classes you can take. We're not going to teach you a bunch of stuff that might not work in a life or death situation. The techniques we teach will stop an attacker immediately. They're easy to learn and use, don't require constant practice or years of training to master, and work regardless of your age, size, strength, speed, skill or physical ability.

Participants will also be given a Personal Safety Guide to help make you and your families safer in all areas of your lives. Our classes are targeted at teens and adults, but 8-11 year olds can sign up and take a class with an adult.

Safe Sitter Babysitting

This class will help you land babysitting jobs and make you feel confident to babysit. This medically accurate babysitting training program is designed for young adolescents to prepare them for the responsibilities of nurturing and protecting children. The class includes: Babysitting as a Business, Child Care Essentials, Preventing Problem Behavior, and Care of Choking Child/Infant.