Rotary Fest Parking Information for July 17-21. Parking is available at Grove Jr. High School and Morton Park (910 Brantwood Ave). Make sure to park in designated areas and follow all signage.
Rainbow Falls Waterpark parking will be limited due to Rotaryfest.

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Pollinator Garden

Natural Areas

cicada Killer wasp

Cicada Killer Wasps

“Cicada killers” dig countless deep nests (6-12″ deep) in the sand, spraying insecticide is usually ineffective. Also, the Elk Grove Park District would like to avoid spraying large quantities of insecticides in high-use playground and park areas.

But what can you do? though the wasp are relatively harmless, it is best to stay clear of the Cicada Killer Wasps and do not try and catch them.


Park Burning

Prescribed fire is a controlled event conducted with permission from local fire authorities and implemented within the guidelines established by the State of Illinois EPA. A professionally trained staff – adhering to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s (NWCG) standards for the application of prescribed fire – will oversee all activities. Firebreaks are established to ensure no escape of the fire to adjacent vegetation. Staff will remain on site until the burn has been completely mopped up and the chance for re-ignition reduced to zero.
Prescription fire is essential for the management of natural areas and restoration sites that support native plants. Native plants and animals evolved with fire and benefit from regular prescribed fire events.

Bee Kind

Visit our Parks that have pollinator gardens

Take a photo and tag #WeLoveEGPDParks. The following parks have pollinator gardens

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