Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons,

NEW! Elk Grove Swim School

Safety: Our top priority is safety! This program is designed to teach your child swimming skills and safety in the water.
Competitive: While teaching safety skills, we will also have a competitive track. This is where we work with the swimmers in the high levels to help us compete on our swim teamThe Elk Grove Stingrays! 

• A relationship exists between instructor, behaviors and student performance.
• Students learn in different ways and have different readiness levels.
• The focus should be on ability, not disability: achievement, not errors.
• Multiple methods of instruction, including “learn by doing” results in higher levels of student performance.
• Effective instructional methods can be learned and developed. 

Private Swim Lessons

Student receives one-on-one instruction to help improve their skills. Recommended for students having difficulty mastering skills in a group setting and for those that prefer one-on-one instruction.