Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons,

Swim Lessons

The Elk Grove Park District is an authorized provider of Starfish swim lessons, utilizing the certification and curriculum of Starfish Aquatics Institute for our lessons. The Starfish Swimming program assists people of all ages to swim for safety, pleasure, fitness, or competition.

All swim lessons are 40 minutes long with a total of six classes in each session. For the next available session, please see the Park District Activity Guides or view our classes online.

Swim lesson registration may be completed with customer service at the Pavilion Front Desk, Pavilion Aquatics Desk or the Al Hattendor Center. Please note that online registration for some classes may be subject to prerequisites and must approved by the coordinator.

NEW! Elk Grove Swim School

Safety: Our top priority is safety! This program is designed to teach your child swimming skills and safety in the water.
Competitive: While teaching safety skills, we will also have a competitive track. This is where we work with the swimmers in the high levels to help us compete on our swim teamThe Elk Grove Stingrays! 

• A relationship exists between instructor, behaviors and student performance.
• Students learn in different ways and have different readiness levels.
• The focus should be on ability, not disability: achievement, not errors.
• Multiple methods of instruction, including “learn by doing” results in higher levels of student performance.
• Effective instructional methods can be learned and developed. 

Private Swim Lessons

Student receives one-on-one instruction to help improve their skills. Recommended for students having difficulty mastering skills in a group setting and for those that prefer one-on-one instruction.