Early Childhood Camps

Summer Camps for Preschool Aged Children

Early Childhood Camps, Summer Camps for Preschool Aged Children
225 E. Elk Grove Blvd. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Early Fun Camp

Ages 4-8

Do you need early morning care for your Fun in the Sun camper? We are offering supervised playtime starting between 7:30-8:45am at the Al Hattendorf Center. Please bring your child to Door #5 (off the playground). Children may bring their own nut-free breakfast. We will escort your child to camp. Child must be age 4 by March 31, 2023 for this camp.

Late Fun Camp

Age 4-8 yrs

Continue the fun! Late Fun Camp is available after Fun in the Sun Camp from 3:15-5:30pm at the Hattendorf Center. Your child will be escorted from Fun in the Sun Camp to Late Fun Camp. Children may bring a nut-free snack. Child must be age 4 by March 31, 2023 for this camp.

Fun in the Sun

Ages 4 - 8

Come to camp and discover many water and outdoor activities. This camp is at the Hattendorf Center every day of the week! Fun in the Sun Camp is for children four to eight years old, and you can choose a 5 day or 3 day option (Tues/Wed/Thurs.) Child must be 4 by March 31. Come be part of the adventures! Don't forget to bring your nut-free lunch! A welcome email will be sent to each camper. If your camper needs to start the day off early, see Extended Care Options for "Early Fun" times.

Kiddie Summer Fun

Ages 3 - 5

Three to five year old children will love this first experience for "want to be" campers. This Camp meets at the Hattendorf Center Tues/Wed/Thurs for a Half Day of adventures. Summer fun will include lots of outdoor activities such as water play, outdoor games and summer art. Children must be completely toilet independent. No diapers or pull-ups. Come enjoy the summer fun!