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Lightning / Severe Weather

The Perry Weather outdoor warning system is a completely wireless, cloud-based emergency alert and lightning warning system that is constantly operational and integrated with the most reliable lightning detectionnetwork to provide 24 hour weather risk monitoring and warning.

The system is also equipped with a public address functionality, which allows these units to function as an emergency management address tool, able to broadcast personalized text-to-speech messages. The Elk Grove Park District worked with Perry Weather to ensure that the outdoor warning system in parks throughout the community are capable of ensuring that all residential areas can hear an alert from a nearby park. 

The following procedures are to be followed when potentially dangerous weather exists:

Warning Signal - A warning signal (one long 15 second horn) will sound and strobe lights will activate when a potentially dangerous weather situation is in the area, along with a strobe light flash while the alert remains active, and three short horn blasts and the cessation of the strobe light indicating an All Clear.

Procedures - All activities in the park should end immediately and patrons should leave the park. It is recommended that park patrons seek shelter in their cars or a building. All park patrons should wait until the lightning prediction system performs an All Clear Signal before returning to the park.

All Clear Signal - The All Clear Signal (three short horn blasts, two seconds apart) will sound, and the strobe lights will deactivate. After the All Clear Signal sounds and the strobe lights deactivate, park patrons may resume their activities.

Caution - The Perry Weather system helps assess the conditions. Neither the signal nor the system is intended to guarantee that conditions are safe. If the weather is threatening and no warning signal is heard or seen, use good judgment and clear the field. Do not wait for the warning signal to activate, as the system can malfunction.

Mosquito Control

In 1927 the State Legislature adopted the "Mosquito Abatement Districts Act" (70 ILCS 1005) enabling the formation of locally-sponsored, tax supported districts organized for the primary purpose of abating mosquitoes. The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District was organized in April, 1956 and formed by public election in 9 townships. Boundaries encompass the townships of Barrington, Palatine, Wheeling, Hanover, Schaumburg, Elk Grove, Maine, 1 sq. mile of Norwood Park and 6 sq. miles of Northfield. This is a land area of approximately 242 sq. miles. The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District's main office is located in Wheeling and 2 seasonal auxiliary facilities located in Hoffman Estates and Elk Grove.

The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District and the Elk Grove Park District will be taking action this summer to control the mosquito population and join the fight against West Nile Virus. Parks and athletic fields will be monitored throughout the season to reduce adult mosquitos. Truck and ATV mounted applications of an ultra-low-volume misting application (adulticiding) will be utilized if needed. The insecticide used for adulticiding has been approved specifically for use is residential and recreation areas by the US Environment Protection Agency. The EPA has stated that when used according to label directions, these products pose no undue risks to humans or the environment. Residents can take these additional steps to reduce their risk of contracting West Nile Virus:

  • Apply mosquito repellent containing not more than 35% DEET primarily to clothing. Use sparingly on exposed skin. Do not apply under clothing. Always follow the directions on the container.
  • Keep skin covered when outdoors during heavier mosquito activity (dusk-to-dawn hours) by wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants and socks.
  • Remove or empty water in old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles or other places where mosquitos might breed.
  • Change water weekly in bird baths, plant saucers and trays.
  • Water bowls used by pets should be emptied and refilled daily.
  • Keep gutters around home in good repair to avoid water build-up.
  • Keep weeds and grass cut short, as adult mosquitos look for shady places to rest during hot daylight hours.

All standing water which may be potential breeding grounds can be reported to the Northwest Mosquito Abatement District at (847) 537-2306.

Questions regarding adulticiding within the Elk Grove Park District can be sent to 499 Biesterfield Road, Elk Grove Village.

Weed Control

Along with many other Park Districts in the Chicagoland area, the Elk Grove Park District has adopted a reduced chemical policy when maintaining the lawn areas in our parks. However, for a short time each spring, you may see a few dandelions in our parks.

These dandelions are sign that the Elk Grove Park District has limited the use of chemicals that are typically sprayed to control weeds. This is done in an effort to minimize our impact on our environment. We mow regularly to keep weeds down. According to natural lawn care basics, we try to keep our grass three to four inches high. This allows the roots to grow strong and access water deep in the ground. As a result, the taller grass naturally shades out some weeds. But, because we have reduced the use of chemical weed killers, dandelion flowers grow back quickly, oftentimes overnight.

So, when you see a dandelion, just remember the grass is healthy and safe for you and your family.

The Elk Grove Park District encourages all residents to use natural lawn care techniques. It's a simple and cost-effective method of maintaining your green spaces.