About the Pavilion Art Centre

The Elk Grove Park District Art Centre offers an extensive number of exceptional classes in the performing, visual and applied arts. We offer classes to all ages at a variety of times to meet the needs of all of our customers. The Art Centre is housed in the Jack A. Claes Pavilion. Our highly trained and experienced staff takes pride in educating and enhancing the lives of others through the arts.

Discover the Value

Top-notch amenities

  • The Park District has two rooms solely devoted to art classes, as well as two rooms solely devoted to music lessons. The music rooms are sound-proof to provide the optimal musical teaching environment.
  • Participants in the annual winter theatre production get the opportunity to perform at Prairie Lakes Theatre in Des Plaines - a high quality facility with professional lights and sound.

Wonderful staffing and associations

  • A number of the Art Centre instructors have been with the Elk Grove Park District for many years.
  • The theatre staff have a great deal of training and professional experience.
  • The Park District provides a forum for those in the arts by being host to a thriving Artists' Association. The Artists' Association holds monthly meetings, as well as unique community events such as the Juried Art Show and Trees Exhibit.

Diverse programming

  • The Elk Grove Park District tries to provide something for everyone; participants in Art Centre programs range from 6 months to 90 years old! There is a large variety of programming for everything from ceramics to oil painting to theatre and music.
  • The arts allow for creative expression, and participants receive professionalism at park district prices.
  • The dedicated and caring staff makes great accommodations for participants. They are flexible with their scheduling and teaching style.
  • The Art Centre is instituting new collaborative activities for music and theatre students - provide the opportunity for students to participant in the annual Art & Music Showcase and other venues like the Pirates' Cove summer show.

Ashley Pratscher

Arts and Special Events Manager

Phone: 847-690-1109

Email: apratscher@elkgroveparks.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are frequently asked questions about the Pavilion Art Centre. Click on a link for further information.

Who oversees Art Centre programs?

Shannon Elsey, Art/Special Events Manager, selsey@elkgroveparks.org or (847) 690-1184.

Are refunds given for theatre production tickets?

All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be offered. You can speak with the Art/Special Events Manager to see if there are any tickets are available for other performance dates. If other tickets are available, an even exchange can be made. Also, tickets are transferable between people so if you are unable to attend the performance, you can always give the ticket to a friend or family member that is able to attend.

How do I purchase a ticket for the theatre production?

Tickets can be purchased at the Pavilion or Hattendorf Customer Service counters during regular business hours. They can also be purchased directly through the Art/Special Events Manager.

Do you offer scheduled payments for Private Music Lessons?

Yes, there is an option to sign up for scheduled payments for private music lessons. Half of the payment is due at the time of registration and the other half is due on a select date partway through the session. Please contact the Art/Special Events Manager directly for more information.

Times for music lessons vary. What does that mean?

Private lessons are arranged through the Art Department and are dependent on the instructor's schedule. Instructors typically hold lessons on their assigned day (see seasonal activity guide) beginning late afternoon (typically 4 p.m.) into the evening (typically 8 p.m.). All lessons are 30 minutes and should be scheduled directly through the Art/Special Events Manager.

Will the cost of a started class be pro-rated if I join late?

As long as the class is already running with the appropriate minimum, you will be pro-rated for the classes that were missed due to joining late. The only exception is contractual classes, which require full payment no matter when a person is registered.

What happens if the instructor cancels a class?

If a class is cancelled due to instructor illness, weather or another type of emergency, all class participants will be notified by phone as soon as possible. A make-up class will take place for the missed class, typically the week after the session ends. If a participant is unable to attend the make-up class, a refund will be issued for the cancelled class.

If my child misses class, can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given for missed classes. Refunds are only given in extenuating circumstances if the class minimum is met. Please refer the call to the Art/Special Events Manager if a refund is requested after registration deadline has passed.

What is the withdrawal policy?

There is no penalty for withdraws prior to the registration deadline date. After the registration deadline has passed and/or once classes are in session, all withdraw or refund requests must be given directly to the Art/Special Event Manager. She will determine whether or not a withdrawal or refund can be granted. No refunds will be given for a contractual class (i.e. Young Rembrandts, Picasso's Workshop, etc.) one week prior to the start of the class or anytime thereafter.

Where do classes take place?

The majority of art, craft and pottery classes take place in the Art Studio or Craft Studio. Both are located in the Pavilion down the hallway across from the customer service counter on the way to Jumps 'n Jiggles.

There are also two music studios where the majority of music classes take place. They are located in the Pavilion down the hallway by the Garden Terrace Banquet Hall.

Where do I purchase supplies for Adult Art classes?

Affordable supplies can be purchased from a number of stores, including Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Dick Blick. Art supply houses also carry the items you will need for class.

Am I required to wear anything special to class?

Children enrolled in Kiddy Art classes should bring an old t-shirt or smock with them to class, as some projects do get a little messy. Also, anyone enrolled in a theatre class should wear closed toes shoes to class since the classes require a lot of movement and may require set building as well.

How much are classes?

Classes at the Pavilion Art Centre vary in price, depending on the length of the class, who is instructing and what supplies are required. All classes are competitively priced and some run as low as $4/hour! Open Studios run as low as $1.50/hour!

How do you sign up for Pavilion Art Centre classes?

Registration can be done at the Pavilion or Al Hattendorf Customer Service counters, or online with HOTREG the Elk Grove Park District online registration system. The only exception is private music lessons, which must be registered for in person at one of the customer service counters.

How old do you have to be to take Art Centre classes?

Students range from ages 6 months (class with parent) through seniors.

What types of classes are offered at the Pavilion Art Centre?

Kiddy (5 & Under): Kiddy Art (i.e. Art FUNdamentals, Imagination Exploration, etc.), Clay Play, Various Family Pottery Workshops (i.e. Turkey Hands) and Kiddy Music (i.e. Sing to Me! and Sing with Me!)

Youth: Youth Art, Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes, Youth Pottery, Various Family Pottery Workshops (i.e. Christmas Photo Frames), Theatre Classes (i.e. Introduction to Children's Theatre), Private Music Lessons, Group Guitar Lessons and Percussion Ensemble

Adult: Adult Art (i.e. Afternoon Oils, Beginning & Intermediate Oil Painting, etc.), Open Studios for Art and Pottery, Family Pottery Workshops (attend with children), Adult Pottery, Private Music Lessons, Group Guitar Lessons and Percussion Ensemble

What is the Art & Music Showcase? Do I have to participate?

The Art & Music Showcase is a specially-designed showcase for Art Centre students. It currently takes place annually in December and is intended to highlight the artistic and musical talents of the students in the program. Artwork from classes is displayed, along with a music recital and theatre showcase.

Students are not required to participate, although it is highly encouraged. The event provides an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work amongst friends, family and other Art Centre students. It is also a good opportunity to mingle with other students and enjoy complimentary refreshments.