Ice Skating & Sledding

Ice Skating & Sledding,

Sled Hills and Ice Skating


Sled Hills

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Roosevelt Park, 241 Wellington Ave 

Udall Park, 811 Willow Lane 

Please do not sled on the back side of the hill. No attendant is on duty.

Ice Skating

Ice Rinks 

Ice will be made when nighttime temperatures are forecasted to be 15 degrees or less and daytime temperatures are not forecasted above 25 degrees. We need this temperature range for a minimum of 4 consecutive days to establish a good ice base. Under normal conditions, ice is made between December 16th and February 17th, weather permitting.

Hours: 7 am - 10 pm

Mead Park, 1769 Gibson Dr. - Hockey nets available - Coming Soon

Community Athletic Fields, 1375 N. Arlington Hts. Rd, Itasca - 2 Rinks - Hockey nets available for one of the rinks - Coming Soon


Note: Ice skating areas may be subject to closure for maintenance or inadequate conditions. If the conditions are not conducive to skating, OPEN/CLOSED signage will be posted. Please obey the direction to stay off the ice, as activity at this time will result in further delay.

Lighting: Lighting is not of athletic quality but provides adequate illumination for ice skating. The lights at night are set on timers operating for the skating hours only.

You may also call the Ice-Line at 847-690-1179 for updated conditions; for concerns call 847-228-3502.