Program Benefits

Program Benefits,

Designed with Families in Mind

We provide quality dance training in a positive, nurturing and enthusiastic environment. Our staff is committed to creating a positive experience for you and your dancer whether it is your first or tenth year dancing with us! You can expect that costumes, choreography and music choices will always be age appropriate. We pride ourselves in offering a family oriented, budget friendly and entertaining experience that your dancer will never forget!


We are housed in the Jack A. Claes Pavilion, a facility of the Elk Grove Park District, conveniently located at the corner of Biesterfield and Wellington just off of I-290. Classes are held in our four, professionally equipped dance studios complete with either marley or wood sprung floors. With multiple studios, you will never have to worry about finding numerous classes within one evening to accommodate all of the dancers in your family. Don't feel like leaving the Pavilion while your dancer is in class? Our comfortable and conveniently located seating areas will accommodate you and your family while you wait.

Viewing Week

In-person Parent Viewing Week will take place once a year during Spring Picture/In-Class Dress Rehearsal Week. Parents can also enjoy viewing their dancer's progress weekly on a mounted closed-circuit flat screen TV located outside each dance studio.

Teaching Assistants

If you are interested in gaining the experience of assisting with dance classes, apply to be a Teaching Assistant with the Pavilion Dance Centre! Eligible Teaching Assistants should be at least 10 years old and enrolled as a dancer at the Pavilion Dance Centre for the current year. If you are interested in this role, please email your availability by September1, 2023 to Jessica at to apply today! 

Picture Day/In-Class Dress Rehearsal

Students will have the opportunity to have professional individual photographs taken in each costume. For your convenience, most pictures and in-class dress rehearsals will be held during your child's regularly scheduled classes. Parents are encouraged to view in-class dress rehearsals virtually this season. Exact dates/times to be released in the Spring. 

Performance Companies

Mini Company - This super talented group of dancers, ages 6-8, will shine on stage with their high energy and continually inspire audiences with their contagious enthusiasm performing at community events, local dance competitions and year end recitals. Mini Company dancers take a mandatory ballet class and attend a 60 minute weekly rehearsal. Only those that auditioned and were accepted into Mini Company during August may register for Mini Company rehearsal for the coming dance year. 

Ignite Company- For dancers ages 9+ this high level performance company is made up of dancers with distinguished technique, performance quality and style. Ignite will represent the Pavilion Dance Centre at 4+ dance competitions, dance conventions, local dance performances and may compete Nationally. Ignite dancers are expected to fully commit themselves to dance as their number one extracurricular activity. Ignite rehearses up to three times a week and will experience unique performance, competition and training opportunities throughout the year. Dancers in this Company are required to take ballet, jazz, and modern/contemporary classes, in conjunction with their bi-weekly, rehearsals. Only those who auditioned and were accepted into Ignite during August may register for Ignite Company rehearsal the coming dance year. 

Junior & Teen Performance Companies – For dancers ages 9+, this dedicated and passionate group has an eagerness to learn and a desire to perform and grow as a dancer. They will have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year including community events, local dance competitions and will be featured as special performers in year-end recitals. Junior and Teen level Company students take a mandatory ballet class, one additional elective class and attend a weekly rehearsal. Junior  and Teen Company dancers have a 60 minute rehearsal and will rehearse an additional one Friday per month, prior to Winter Recitals. Only those that auditioned and were accepted into one of our Junior or Teen Companies during August may register for a Junior or Teen Company rehearsal for the coming dance year. 

NEW! Thrive Dance Company - This advanced level performing Company will consist of talented, well-rounded dancers that represent the PDC at both competitions/conventions as well as community performances. Dance, whether here at the PDC or at your high school, should be your first priority in order to maintain the level of Thrive. Thrive dancers will be at the PDC a minimum of two days a week taking a 60 minute Company rehearsal as well as a Thrive only 60 minute Theory and Techniques dance class. Thrive will focus on educating our more experienced dancers with the real world, pre-professional world of dance and what that might look like for an aspiring dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, artistic director or dance collaborator. Thrive dancers will have real life, hands on experiences with what a future in dance would look like!