Artists' Association

Artists' Association,

Artists Association of Elk Grove Village

AAEGV welcomes all artists and art enthusiasts to join them at their monthly events. Each event has a demo by a well-known Chicagoland area artist and is intended for all levels of expertise, and those who want to increase their knowledge of art and techniques of different media. AAEGV sponsors several exhibits and sales opportunities throughout the year.

Events are held the fourth Wednesday of every month, 7:30 pm at the Elk Grove Park District's Pavilion Craft Studio, 1000 Wellington Ave.

We are currently accepting Trees Exhibit Entries through March 1, 2022. Trees exhibit will run April 2- May 7, 2022. Get your entry form HERE!

For our current exhibit, please visit the Art Shows page

Upcoming Demos

Get connected with local artists by joining the Artists’ Association of Elk Grove Village today! Members will be able to participate at no cost in our Artist Demos. Please email for more information. 

Demo Month
Oil Artist- Maarten Tonneijick
Colored Pencil- David R. Becker
Framing Workshop- Tom Rybarczyk


If you would like to become a member, please fill out our AAEGV Application 2021-2022.

For current information on artist demos, membership application, exhibit schedules, etc., please visit the Artists Association of Elk Grove Village website.