Art Center FAQs

Art Center FAQs,

Pavilion Art Centre - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who oversees Art Centre programs?
  2. Are refunds given for theatre production tickets?
  3. How do I purchase a ticket for the theatre production?
  4. Do you offer scheduled payments for Private Music Lessons?
  5. Times for music lessons vary. What does that mean?
  6. Will the cost of a started class be pro-rated if I join late?
  7. What happens if the instructor cancels a class?
  8. If my child misses class, can I get a refund?
  9. What is the withdrawal policy?
  10. Where do classes take place?
  11. Where do I purchase supplies for Adult Art classes?
  12. Am I required to wear anything special to class?
  13. How much are classes?
  14. How do you sign up for Pavilion Art Centre classes?
  15. How old do you have to be to take Art Centre classes?
  16. What types of classes are offered at the Pavilion Art Centre?
  17. What is the Art & Music Showcase? Do I have to participate?

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