Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts,

Girl Scouts

The Elk Grove Historical Museum is available to help you and your scouts with history related badges and programs. Browse our current programs below. Unless otherwise specified, programs last two hours, are available year round, and include a light snack. Programs can be scheduled Tuesdays through Saturdays. During the week, programs can be scheduled between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. On Saturdays, programs can be scheduled between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. The museum requests a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 20. Call 847-439-3994 or email the Program Manager for more information.

Cost: $4 for Elk Grove residents, $5 for non-residents.

Scout Leaders, Stay Informed

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Daisy Scouts

Simply Scraps (Use Resources Wisely® petal) Learn how people of the past reused scraps to create new things. View quilts and dolls created from scrap materials. Make a simple scrapbook page and rag doll.

Scouting Sisterhood (Sister to Every Girl Scout® petal) Learn about the importance of friendship in Girl Scouting. Identify the four world centers and make internationally inspired SWAPs.

Tree Hugger (Make the World a Better Place® petal)* Understand the importance of protecting our planet by practicing responsible camping techniques and simple orienteering skills. Plant a seed and make a simple birdfeeder.

*Available April-October.

Brownie Girl Scouts

Community Spirit (Celebrating Community®)* Visit the live elk herd and learn how it became a symbol for Elk Grove Village. Listen to Girl Scouts singing national songs and view photos of local parades. Create a simple ceremony about an event that you find important.

Cool and Creepy Crawlies (Bugs®)* Step inside the fascinating world of bugs! Learn about various types of bugs that live in our community and explore their world by going on a bug safari and making a bug house!

*Available April-October.

Junior Girl Scouts

Geo-Adventurer (Geocacher®)* Explore the outdoors and enter the world of geocaching. Scouts will learn how to use a GPS receiver and work as part of a team to search for items hidden within the museum campus.

Living the Past (Playing the Past®) Step into the shoes of Carrie Gathman (who lived in Schaumburg and Elk Grove Village) and travel back in time. Create a doll costume from the early 1900s, try your hand at chores, sing songs, and make history come alive!

*Available April-October.

Cadette Girl Scouts

Natural Landscape (Trees®)* Learn about some of the plants native to this area and the types of trees preferred by the pioneers. Identify, date, and measure trees found on the museum campus. Design a plan for a treehouse and engage in other projects centered on increasing your appreciation for these wooded wonders.

*Available April-October.

Savvy Storytellers (Journey It's Your Story -Tell It® Badge)

The Savvy Storyteller workshop fulfills the Journey It's Your Story - Tell It® badge. Due to the involvement of these programs, they are offered as either a single full-day session (4-5 hours) or as two half-sessions (2-2.5 hours).

Fees: Full session - $10 resident/$12 non-resident OR Half session - $5 resident/$6 non-resident

Daisy (Fulfills: Birdbath, Red Robin, and Tula®) Learn fun stories about animals that inhabit Elk Grove. Discover how Native Americans used stories to explain the appearances of various animals while handling real animal furs.

Brownie (Fulfills: Hear a Story, Change a Story, Tell a Story, and Better World for Girls®) Experience a variety of stories including folktales, fairy tales, and true accounts. Practice storytelling techniques through music, art, and food. Become a story problem solver by using clues in popular stories to rewrite in a positive way!

Junior (Fulfills: Reach Out*, Try Out*, Speak Out®) Practice being a positive female role model by using stories and skits to break stereotypes. Develop a new female superhero based on qualities that are important to you. Participate in activities that will showcase the roles you play everyday. *These awards require scouts to complete pgs. 16-17, 28-31, and 59 prior to the program.