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Pavilion Fitness has a community atmosphere and features certified staff that can help you put the best fitness program together to meet your goals. Pavilion Fitness offers state of the art equipment and services to maximize the potential of your workout.

For specific dates and times of our programs, activities and events, visit online registration or view the Seasonal Activity Guide.

Build Your Walking Stamina

Increasing stamina with walking includes building quadricep muscles. 

This workout helps to build stamina:

6-9 minutes - warm up. Walk at a moderate pace

3 minutes - walk at a fast pace

2 minutes - (1 minute) squats (1 minute) walking lunges 

5 minutes - walk at a fast pace, pump your arms it helps with adding speed to your gait

3 minutes - (1 minute) jog in place with high knees  (2 minutes) walking lunges  

5 minutes - walk at a fast pace, pump your arms

4 minutes - (2 minutes) squats (2 minute) walking lunges

5 minutes -  cool down; walk at a moderate to slow pace

You used your quadricep muscles and gluteal muscles...even though this is a quick workout you may experience muscle soreness, this is normal.  Lactic acid buildup causes muscle soreness and results in muscles tearing down only to build up again which increase strength and stamina.

Increasing speed in your walking routine includes fast pace walking intermittent with other exercise that keeps your heart rate elevated; elevated heart rate is key.

Build Your Walking Speed

This workout helps to build speed. You can do this walking challenge as often as you want.

6-9 minutes - warm up.  Walk at a moderate pace.

2 minutes - jog in place with high knees

1 minute - jumping jacks (1 minute can be long for jumping jacks, cut to 30 seconds if necessary just add the other 30 seconds in somewhere else in the workout) 

5 minute - walk at a fast pace, use your arms, this helps to increase your heart rate and speed

1 minute - jumping jacks

2 minutes - jog in place with high knees

10 minutes - walk at a fast pace, use your arms

3 minutes - walk at a slight faster pace if possible

5 minutes - drop back to your fast pace

5 minutes - slow to a moderate to slow pace to cool down


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