Personal Training

 Personal Training,

Personal Training

With the guidance of one of our nationally certified personal trainers, you can:

  • Learn new exercises and skills
  • Achieve your fitness and weight loss goals quicker than on your own
  • Maintain consistency and accountability
  • Continually challenge your muscles

Do I have to train with a personal trainer every week to get results?

This depends on your individual goals and the amount of time in which you want to achieve those goals. Some clients will consistently train weekly with a personal trainer while others will train for a few weeks, develop a routine, and then meet with them periodically for changes.

Personal Training

Training Types

Master Training

Master Trainers have over 20 years of experience in the field and are nationally certified personal trainers able to customize a safe and effective program to meet your goals. Our Master Trainers are capable of training clients at any level; qualified in specialty areas such as athletic performance, obesity, heart disease, arthritis or other challenges. If your needs fall into any of these areas, a Master Trainer has the necessary training, experience and certification to help you succeed. Our Master Trainers work with clients that have various health restrictions and can help with functional exercise, which is customized to facilitate greater ease in the life of a given individual. For more information on Personal or Master Training, visit our FAQs section or contact 847-690-1175.

Master Training Fees

Type Member Non-member
Hours 1 5 10 20 1 5 10
Master Training (1 hr sessions) $65 $310 $600 $1160 $78 $360 $650
Master Partner Training (1 hr sessions, 2 people) $92  $450  $860  $1610  $110  $500  $910 

Personal Training

Work with a nationally certified personal trainer on the fitness floor or our Private Personal Training Studio to customize a safe and effective program to meet your goals. The session will involve individual attention and provide you with expert advice on an effective workout. Must be at least 14 years of age to participate in the Personal Training Program. To start training, pick up a Personal Training Request and Health History form at the Pavilion Fitness front desk or download below. For more information on Personal or Master Training, visit our FAQs section or contact Aileen 847.690.1175.

Personal Training Fees

Type Member Nonmember
Hours 1 5 10 20 1 5 10
Personal Training (1 hour sessions) $55 $260 $500 $960 $66 $310 $550
Partner Training (1 hour sessions, 2 people) $80 $390 $750 $1400 $96 $440 $800
Express Training (1/2 hour session) $35 $170 $330 n/a $42 $204 $380
Group Training (1 hour sessions, 4 - 6 people)


(8 sessions)


(8 sessions)

Partner Training

Do you have someone you enjoy working out with but find that you chat more than you workout? Then maybe having a trainer work with you and your partner/spouce/friend will help keep you on track. We don't take the fun out of it, we create more of it! Talk to one of our trainers about it.

Your Health is Important!

All new training clients will need to fill out a health questionnaire and training request prior to starting the program. A medical release may be required from your physician. A training program will not be scheduled until all documentation and release forms have been received and filled out in completion. Forms can be downloaded below or picked up and/or returned to the Pavilion Fitness front desk. Returned forms will be contacted by a personal trainer within two business days.


Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours prior to your appointment or you will be charged the appointment fee. Please contact your trainer or the Fitness Center check-in desk if you need to cancel at (847) 228-3494.

Meet the Personal Trainers

The Pavilion Fitness staff of certified personal trainers have been providing customized training services to people of all ages and physicality levels for many years. With their considerable experience and continued dedication to modern training methods, our trainers are an appointment away from helping you take the necessary steps to make your fitness goals become reality.


Joe Pignone

Master Trainer

Joe has been designing fitness programs and guiding and motivating individuals since 1986. He holds an American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certification, is CPR/AED Certified and First Aid Certified. He is well suited to work with youth fitness, active adults and the older adult population. "I believe that inspiration and motivation are the keys to maintaining a healthy fitness routine. We are given hundreds of opportunities everyday to make choices that will impact our lives. Make good choices and enjoy good outcomes!"


Aileen Tischauser

Master Trainer

Aileen has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 1999, youth fitness since 2009 and fitness nutritionist since 2016. She was awarded "2018 Team Captain" from the Daily Hearld's Fittest Loser Challenge along with helping her team take 1st place (2018) and 2nd place (2019) with overall weight loss competing with over 50 other teams. She is very comfortable working with individuals/groups of all populations. She is especially interested in working with individuals/groups utilizing basic primal movements integrating them to improving functional daily activities. Whether you're 10 or 100, you can feel comfortable that Aileen will help you strengthen your body to feel the best you can. Join Aileen either one-on-one, partner or group training, in the Advanced Training Studio, our Group Exercise Studio or the Cycle Studio. Aileen is also the Pavilion's Fitness Coordinator.


Cheryl McAloon

Personal Trainer



Paula Lewinski

Pilates Reformer Trainer

Paula's corrective exercise background makes her a perfect fit to anyone looking to feel better! Her amazing knowledge of the body and how it moves will make you more aware of what your body can do than you ever thought possible. She specializes in training on the Pilates Reformer, which helps increase your strength and flexibility.


Kevin McAloon

Personal Trainer

Kevin designs his programs based on clients specific goals, needs, and circumstances. Training is not a one-size-fits-all program. He encourages clients to push outside their comfort zones to achieve things they never thought possible. Sports & fitness is a way of life for Kevin, having been coaching for over 20 years, he has watched many kids succeed in many areas. Kevin's many certifications include ACE, NASM, TRX, Cycling, Zumba, BootCamps and USA Hockey Level 4 Coach